Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions

Introduction to ITS Service Desk

The ITS Service Desk is your virtual centralized point of contact for your IT-related questions, issues, and requests. We provide technical support, troubleshoot problems, and ensure your technology experience is smooth and productive.

IMPORTANT: ITS Service Desk will help with your technical concerns. We are operational during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.

What types of issues can the IT Service Desk help with?

We assist with a wide range of IT matters, including but not limited to:

  • Password resets and account access issues
  • Software installations and updates
  • Hardware problems and repairs
  • Network connectivity and Wi-Fi assistance
  • Printing and scanning issues
  • Email and collaboration tools support
  • Security and antivirus concerns

Service Desk features:

ITS provides a number of excellent features to help you, when technology is not working for you. These features make you aware of the technology concerns we are facing at any one point. They also might resolve your concern before ever having to submit a Service Desk ticket.

ITS System Status relates any impacts from a viral attack on our technology, when systems or programs are down for repair, and we share when things are resolved.

ITS Alerts are quick notices from ITS in regards to maintenance windows you would need to be aware of, if this might impact your work.

Help Resourcesis a self-help location for over 200 web pages. These web pages provide process steps for items like logging into the HUB, how to connect to College Wi-Fi, amongst many others. These could very easily resolve your technical concern before submitting a Service Desk ticket.

How can we help you provides you with a quick option to input a keyword or a phrase for an issue that you are facing. Our knowledge base contains many questions and answers, with links to Help Resources items, but also to other common questions for technical matters, and often to other College departments.

Contact Us is our contact information, a way to get in touch with ITS, when you have a previous conversation or a current ticket and need to provide us more information.

For more detailed information, please see Service Desk Features.

Service Desk features

ITS System Status

On the right-hand side of Service Desk there is section called ITS System Status. You will find information on known outages or known technical concerns that are affecting others, or the whole College community. This is a terrific feature as you will know what is in process with ITS and what is now resolved. Click ITS System Status to view these notices.

its system status

NOTE: If this information does not resolve your concern, or you have a concern not identified here, you can submit a ticket at ITS Service Desk.

ITS Alerts

On the left-hand side, ITS provides notifications of ongoing issues and shares messages regarding upcoming new features and programs.

its alerts

Help Resources

On the left-hand side, there are links to self-help web pages, showcasing technical information, FAQ, and common process step web pages provided by ITS. If what you need help with is not listed you may access the main web page called Help Resources for more information.

help resources

How can we help you

On the right-hand side there is a section called How can we help you. Type a few keywords or a phrase, to locate links and helpful information of common inquiries. If you require further help, please view Help Resources.

how can we help you

Contact Us

On the bottom right-hand side, there is a section to contact ITS in regards to your submission or to continue a previous conversation.

contact us

Request technical support:

When the information above, has not resolved your concern, and you need further technical support you must submit a Service Desk support ticket.

IMPORTANT: It is important to follow all four steps in submitting your ticket. These steps ensure that your matter will be attended to, and you will receive the resolution you had requested. ITS is here to help you, and we welcome the conversation we will have with you within your ticket.

Please see the following:

Request technical support

First Step – Submit your Service Desk ticket

When you have determined your require technical support, please follow these steps to submit a ticket.

  1. Click ITS Service Desk.
  2. Locate the Request Support section, on the right-hand side.
  3. In the Subject, provide a short meaningful sentence. For example:
    • Not able to send emails to my classmate.
    • College Wi-Fi is not working in the computer lab.
    • I accidentally deleted a OneDrive file I need for a presentation.
    • My audio is not working on my Microsoft Team meeting.
  4. In the Body, provide information about the technical concern and include as much detail as possible. The more detail IT Solutions is provided, the better able we are to troubleshoot your concern, and come to a resolution. Examples of common technical information needed:
    • Identify any programs you were using, e.g. Microsoft Teams, College email, College Wi-Fi, Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.
    • Indicate the browser you were using, e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
    • Paste any relevant links (URLs) of the web page, Microsoft Team, Sharepoint teamsite, blog, where the concern has occurred.
    • Attach files with screenshots of error messages or unusual onscreen activity. Refer to the Capture screenshots to attach to emails & Service Desk tickets webpage for instructions.
    • Indicate your contact information: personal email address (especially if your concern is College email related), personal phone number, and a weekday and time when Service Desk can best reach you.
    • Provide any other useful information that might be helpful for ITS.
  5. When ready, click Submit Ticket.
  6. request support

Immediately following your submission, the box will turn green, and you will be provided a link to your new ticket.

request support submitted

Second Step – What happens next

You will receive an automated email, with a link to your Service Desk ticket. This ticket is created on your behalf.

NOTE: This is an unmonitored email address, so please do not reply to it all. In order to communicate with ITS about your concern, please see view your ticket for more information on how to view your submitted request.

Third Step – View your ticket

To view your submitted ticket, you can use:

Fourth Step – Keep in touch with ITS

NOTE: An ITS staff member will keep in contact with you, in order to resolve your concern. View your ticket frequently to:

  • View the progress.
  • Reply to any questions they might have for you.
  • Add more information and/or screenshots, after the initial support request was made.

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