Hospitality and Tourism Management

The first year of Hospitality and Tourism Management is designed to prepare students to work in hospitality and tourism businesses by providing courses aimed at developing a fundamental business and customer service background. Students study through classroom-based course work and lab-based lunchtime fine dining service in Jane’s, a student-run restaurant.

Students will also obtain certifications in First Aid, Smart Choices, WHMIS and Food Handling. While a one year exit-certificate is available, it is recommended that students complete a diploma to be most competitive in the marketplace after graduation.

In the second year of the program, students will select a major in one of two areas:

Hotel and Restaurant Management

The Hotel and Restaurant Management major focuses primarily on developing skills to work in the food and beverage and accommodation areas of the tourism industry. The courses are delivered from a management perspective and include classroom and lab based course work. Hospitality Simulation offered in the final term is the capstone course in which you work in teams to resolve a variety of case studies, drawing on your academic and work experience from previous terms.

Tourism Management

The Tourism Management major concentrates on building skills in a variety of business models in a variety of Tourism sub-sectors including attractions, events and tourism services. In a capstone course in the final term, students will work on teams during Tourism Entrepreneurship, to develop a visitor attraction using skills learned and developed from previous academic/work terms.

Pathways to Rewarding Careers

Hospitality and Tourism Management students have many pathways available that lead to rewarding careers. Students enter the program from many different levels of education and experience, including:

  • directly from high school
  • university
  • working in the industry

Options While In The Program

When a student gets into the program, they take a general first year of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Before the second year, they select one of two majors:

  1. Hotel and Restaurant Management
  2. Tourism Management

Options After Graduation

After completing their major in the second year, students have several options available to them:

  1. Return to RRC Polytech and take the other major for a dual diploma
  2. Gain work experience at an international corporation, like Disney World
  3. Re-enter university for two years to receive a degree
  4. Start working in the hospitality and tourism industry

Employment Opportunities

Graduates from both majors are employed in restaurants, hotels, museums, events and attractions throughout Manitoba and Canada.

Credit Transfers

Graduates can choose to articulate into degree programs at institutions such as Royal Roads and Vancouver Community College.

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