Governing Documents

The Red River College Act  |  Board By-law No. 1/93 (General By-law)  |  Board of Governors Policy Manual  |  Board Governance Framework  |

The Red River College Act

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The Red River College Act is the Manitoba statute that regulates how Red River College Polytechnic and the Board of Governors operate. It specifies:

  • Red River College Polytechnic’s mandate and powers
  • the board’s composition, board member terms and other considerations
  • requirements for board meetings and board committees
  • duties and powers of the board
  • requirements for the appointment and term of the college president
  • oversight of financial matters
  • provision for a students’ association
  • powers of the minister

Board By-law No. 1/93 (General By-law)

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Board By-law No. 1/93 regulates the use of powers granted under The Red River College Act and provides definitions and guidance on how the Board operates. It addresses such matters as:

  • Red River College Polytechnic’s head office location and corporate seal
  • the officers of the Board and their duties
  • board meeting and voting requirements
  • board committee requirements
  • oversight of financial matters
  • limitation of liability

Board of Governors Policy Manual

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The Board of Governors governs Red River College Polytechnic by focusing on the largest values, policies and standards for the College instead of dealing with administrative and academic matters that are more appropriately managed by professional staff.

One of the core principles of the Board’s method of governing is that the sole official connection to the organization’s operations, conduct and achievements is through the President. The Board instructs the President through its policies which prescribe organizational results to be achieved, and describe organizational situations and actions to be avoided.

The Board Policies have four categories:

  • The Mandate defines why the College exists and what results are to be achieved.
  • Executive Limitations establish boundaries of acceptability within which the President can operate the College.
  • Governance Process Policies specify the Board’s philosophy, job description, accountability and operations.
  • Board-President Linkage Policies clarify the manner in which the Board delegates its authority to the President and how it evaluates the President’s performance.

Board Governance Framework

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The ability of the Red River College Polytechnic Board to work closely with the College Administration, while functioning with a perspective independent of the Administration, is central to sound governance.

The Board Governance Framework summarizes the responsibilities and fiduciary duties of the Board of Governors and the requirements for the College Administration regarding board approvals, consultation and providing information.