Emerging Media and Production

Immersion Room

The Immersion Room allows projection of images or information on all four walls of a room at the same time, creating a unique 360º experience for teaching, learning, research, and communications. The experience is similar to a virtual reality experience, but in a group setting. In this room we will simulate environments that give students realistic and immersive experiences for sharing, imagination, and skill development.



In simulated environments, Paramedic students can practice stabilizing a patient in a dark alley with sirens and traffic noise blaring. Students who are afraid of public speaking can practice their skills with a simulated audience before having to step in front of a real one. Nursing students can practice attending to patients in a host of emergency environments while Anatomy students can journey through the human body.

Story Telling


Learning through stories that connect people can be experienced in an environment of rich and colorful illustrations, with immersive video and audio to motivate and inspire learners. Early Childhood Educators can discuss and share images related to community life anywhere in the world, while stories around Land Based Education can be shared in prairie surroundings mixed with beautiful images reflecting beliefs and traditions.



Take meetings and presentations to a new level with live 360° streaming in auditorium settings that enhance collaboration. Employ room-scale data images for brainstorming, reporting, and visualization. Project maps, charts and interactive graphics for communication experiences that are dynamic, powerful, and productive.