Dr. Christine Watson, Vice President, Academic and Research hosts a regular video series where she shares a behind-the-scenes look at what she’s up to on and off campus. Christine also shares these video updates on her personal LinkedIn page and encourages you to connect with her directly on there too.

On this episode of Where’s Watson, Dr. Christine Watson is joined by Dylan Smitzniuk, Media Technician at RRC Polytech’s Education Technology Vision (eTV). eTV researches, produces, and implements innovative technologies that support excellence in teaching and learning at RRC Polytech. In this video, Dylan gives an inside look at the new Immersion Room, a space that simulates environments that give students realistic and immersive experiences for sharing, imagination, and skill development.

Watch the video here:

Learn more about eTV, the Immersion Room, and other spaces/capabilities at https://www.rrc.ca/etv/