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RRC Pre-Service Teachers Presenting at ISTE 2014 in Atlanta, GA

June 13, 2014


An ISTE 2014 Presentation: Flipping PD

Meghan Reid and Anita Lesage, pre-service teachers, along with their instructor, Eva Brown, from Red River College in Winnipeg, Canada present a Poster session at ISTE 2014 on Saturday, June 28, 2014, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., Table 9. Come and learn with them as they share their leading and learning!

Technology, you cannot stop it. Creativity, you should not limit it. Do not let innovation scare you, it will only limit yours and your students’ possibilities. Flipping PD, or Flipping Professional Development, is our mission to create opportunities for every educator and every student to be able to embrace innovation and creativity into their learning and teaching.

Our focus is innovation through technology and global collaboration. An educator’s curriculum is more than just an outcome, it is how that outcome is going to come alive. How are you going to make that outcome become more than just knowledge? Students need more than just knowledge, they also need experience. There is a huge need for educators to acquire technology and global education skills in order to meet the requirements of the Literacy with ICT Continuum–A Model for 21st Century Learning K-12, to deliver ISTE Standards and to give students the education they need as outlined in the Horizon Report. That is where we come in. Teachers must be given time to acquire these skills with just-in-time professional development and not have to do all of the professional upgrading “after hours” on their own time. While many educators devote endless personal hours to learning, this is not always possible for all teachers, so time must be provided for educators to acquire this learning.

We are teaching teachers to infuse technology into any curriculum. We are using experiential learning through student-centered approaches, project based learning models that work. We are lifelong learners and we want to inspire everyone to be lifelong learners. Our goal is to model our lifelong learning to our students, to be on-the-cusp providing the best learning for our students so that they are prepared for jobs that do not yet exist and that they become globally competitive digital citizens. We are growing our passion for leading and learning. Come join us!