Course-Based Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is course-based registration?

Course-Based Registration is a new way of offering programs and courses to RRC Polytech students. We recognize that students’ lives are busy, and attending College full-time may not be an option based on work, family, or financial obligations. Through CBR, students have greater flexibility, making attending College more accessible. Learners will also have more options to take courses required by their employer or for their professional goals. As part of the CBR design, students will not be able to take more than six courses per semester, to protect against overload. And, most students will be able to “pay as you go” for only the courses selected, rather than by semester.

What is Student Planning?

Student Planning is an online self-service tool used for most Course-Based Registration programs. It will be an important part of your educational experience at RRC Polytech. Through Student Planning, you will build your timetable by selecting preferred courses and sections (day/time/location). The Student Planning tool helps you to choose your courses, view scheduling options, and then create a schedule for each upcoming term.  You will also have the ability to change and Add/Drop courses during the College’s Add/Drop period.

How do I know if the program I am applying to is a Course-Based Registration program?

The Program Phases page provides information on the programs that are converting to Course-Based Registration, as well as program start dates.

I am considering applying to a program at RRC Polytech. Will I be expected to register for my courses on my own?

If the program you are applying to is a Course-based Registration (CBR) program:

  • You will be required to self-register for courses through an online self-registration tool called Student Planning.

If your program or student status is an exception within CBR:

  • Information about your registration process will be sent to your academic RRC Polytech email account.

If you are required to register through Student Planning, you will select, plan and register for your courses for the upcoming term. There are some specific exceptions to this, including for international students. Once you are accepted (or conditionally accepted) to a CBR program, detailed self-registration instructions will be sent to you through your RRC Polytech email account. This will happen prior to your self-registration period.  It is important that you check your RRC Polytech email account regularly so that you don’t miss any important information.

I am planning to work while going to College. Will I be able to create a schedule that works with my job?

Creating a schedule that works with your job depends on many factors. You will need to find a balance between work, school, and family obligations. It is important to remember that you will have school work and studying to complete outside of class time.  What you program schedule looks like will be affected by the courses you select, and the course sections that are available (times/dates).

I am interested in applying to a two-year program and want to complete the program within two years. Will I be able to do that?

The time it will take to complete your program depends on a number of factors:

  • What do you want or need your schedule to look like? Are you planning to work while attending College? Do you have personal matters or family obligations that may affect your schedule?
  • Are you available to take courses when they are offered (morning, afternoon, evenings)?
  • Did you complete the online self-registration on time?  It important to complete the online registration process during your designated registration time and date. If you register late, you may have fewer options for the courses you are planning to take.

How will I know when I am supposed to register for classes?

Prior to your self-registration period, you will receive an email through your RRC Polytech email account providing you with detailed registration instructions including the date and time you are eligible to register. Be sure to check your RRC Polytech email account regularly so you don’t miss important information. It is strongly recommended that you register for all courses you have selected at the start of the opening date/time for your registration period. Plan ahead, and then register for your courses as soon as you are eligible to set up your academic schedule through Student Planning.

If you have missed the start of the opening date/time for your registration, please register in Student Planning as soon as possible.

What are the tools that can assist me with the registration process?

We have created online tutorials and videos to assist you with the self-registration process. We encourage you to view these tutorials and videos prior to your self-registration period so that you feel more confident about the process.

I need some help with Student Planning. Is there someone that can assist me?

If you are having trouble with your account or your registration, contact the Student Services Centre by phone at 204-632-2327 or toll free at 1-800-903-7707 (and then press 0) or, email and one of our staff will assist you.

What if I am a sponsored student, or I am receiving student aid? How do I know how many courses to register for?

For more information about loans and scholarships and the terms and conditions, please contact the Awards and Financial Aid Office at

If you are an Indigenous student and have questions about how your sponsorship may be affected by the number of courses you are completing, please contact the Indigenous Liaison Advisor at

If you are an international student considering a reduced course load, please contact the Centre for International Education and Global Partnerships at

Why do some groups of students have priority over other groups of students when self-registering?

Self-registration dates vary and are assigned by groups identified in Priority Registration Policy A4. The College recognizes the principle of fair access and practice and has defined the categories of priority for course registration. Group 1: Priority Students, Group 2: New Students, Group 3: (Priority) Continuing Students and Group 4: Returning Students. The Priority Registration Policy will identify how students will be granted access to register for courses based on the order of priority. The highest calculation of cumulative grade point average may be used as criteria to determine Priority Registration. The Cumulative GPA is the grade point average obtained over all terms/years at the College. It is the cumulative grade point total divided by the total number of credit hours attempted at the College. It includes the highest Grade of any course repeated. You can also refer to policy A22 Academic Standards for further information.

Please review communications sent to your RRC Polytech email account ( to confirm your registration date and time.

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