Child and Youth Care

Learn to help children and youth experiencing behavioural and emotional difficulties.

Child and youth care is a dynamic profession that is fundamentally based on your ability to build and experience relationships with others. It is through relationship that you will be able to support young people with their life challenges.

This diploma program provides graduates with the foundational knowledge and practical experiences to begin working alongside of children, youth, families and communities. Graduates work from a trauma informed, relational, and anti-oppressive framework, supporting community members towards individualized growth, development and self-motivated transformation.

The skill-oriented courses deliver students the opportunities to engage in learning how to facilitate assessments and interventions that are developmentally considerate and utilize evidence based best practice. The professional competencies driven by National Standards are woven into the curriculum, delivered as a tapestry of knowledge and practice, supporting students to begin their journey in the diverse field of child and youth care as professionals that adhere to the foundational attitudes of practice.

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