Strategic Planning for Microenterprises, Art, Sport Organizations and Museums

This project involves teams of students developing strategies for microenterprises, artistic organizations and museums in Canada and abroad. The organizations are chosen so that they generate their revenue based on the same skill set and type of work. Students are challenged to compare two business models and propose strategies that can improve business performance for both firms.

The goal is to support business, community and international development by:

  • Giving small businesses access to strategic planning information that is often beyond their reach
  • Creating global micro-entrepreneur networks that can improve international success for small businesses
  • Creating a database of small business case studies that can be used by both students and entrepreneurs and educational tools
  • Providing museums, art organizations, music institutions and sport organizations with international perspectives on their business model, fostering global collaboration and preserving arts and traditions of different people

Microenterprises Case Studies

Awana Wasi Tocapo / Cusco, Peru
The Snowdrop Boutique / Winnipeg, Canada