Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – Diploma

Qualify to write the Transport Canada Aviation Regulations (CARs) exam.

This program is designed to develop knowledge and skills in maintenance of both large and small airplanes and helicopters.

It is Transport Canada-approved to provide basic training towards an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ‘M’ License.

Your time in the program is split between the study of aircraft maintenance theory and practical projects.

Upon graduating, you will receive an experience credit of one month for every 100 hours of training, and will have completed all necessary exams, with the exception of the Transport Canada-administered Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) exam.

After graduation, you will be required to gain on-the- job work experience for the balance of the 48-month Transport Canada requirement and write the CARs exam. Once you meet these requirements, you will be eligible for a Transport Canada ‘M’ license. You will receive a Transport Canada Approval number on your diploma.

This program has been accredited by the Canadian Forces for their Non-Commissioned Member Subsidized Education Plan. For further information visit the Canadian Forces website.

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