Requesting Official Transcripts

Official transcripts from Red River College Polytechnic are issued and accessed through MyCreds, a digital credential platform for certifying, sharing and verifying academic credentials. These digital transcripts can be shared securely with educational institutions, employers and other third parties. You can access official transcripts faster and share them worldwide.

Official transcripts must be requested using one of the methods outlined below. A fee of $28 plus GST will be charged for each copy shared with recipients through the MyCreds portal.

IMPORTANT: Do not submit payment or include payment information on the request form. Payments for transcripts will now be processed through MyCreds. If you require more information on paying for your transcript, inquiries can be forwarded to

Official transcripts will not be issued if there are outstanding financial obligations to Red River College Polytechnic.

Adult Learning Centre Students will need to contact their ALC Administrator to request a High School Transcript. See a list of Adult Learning Centres ›

For Students with Access to RRC Polytech HUB

NOTE: Prior to submitting your request, please verify your personal contact information on Student Payments and Profile is up to date. Your email confirmation will be sent to the email address RRC Polytech has on file for you.

If you are a current student or have been away from Red River College Polytechnic for less than one year and can access your HUB account, you can submit your request online via Student Self-Serve.

Proceed to the Transcript Requests tile, then select Add New Request. See the tips page for more information or browse MyCreds frequently asked questions.

When Red River College Polytechnic processes your digital transcript, you will receive an email confirmation from MyCreds with instructions for retrieving your document.

For Students without Access to RRC Polytech HUB

If you’ve been away from Red River College Polytechnic for more than one year, order your digital transcript by completing the Transcript Request form and submit it via one of the following options.


Email the form to the Student Service Centre at


Student Service Centre – Notre Dame Campus
D101 – 2055 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9


Fax the form to the Student Service Centre at 204-697-0584.

Frequently Asked Questions