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MyCreds Tips

Creating a MyCreds account

  1. Students will receive an email notification from MyCreds when Red River College Polytechnic issues an Official Transcript to you. Follow the link in the email notification to register and create your MyCreds account.
  2. The link will take you to the MyCreds registration page. To create your account, enter your name and your personal email address (must be the same email address you received the email notification to). You will also need to create a password to use with the MyCreds service. You will later have the opportunity to configure a secondary email to use with MyCreds. Once you enter your information, click on the SUBMIT button.
    If you no longer have the email notification you received from MyCreds: Navigate to the MyCreds Education Provider sign in page and select Red River College Polytechnic from the Institution drop down menu, then then log in or create your account.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address to activate your MyCreds account. Click on ACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT to complete your registration.

Viewing and Sharing your Official Transcript

  1. Once you have signed into your MyCreds account, you will be presented with the documents that are available to you for viewing and sharing.
  2. There will be a fee associated each time you share your Official Transcript with a third party.
  3. To share, click on SHARE. A box will open where you will enter the information for what person or institution you would like to share your transcript with. Click CONTINUE.
  4. If you have available share credits to use, a Confirmation of Share box will open. Click SHARE.
  5. If you do not have share credits, you will need to purchase some. Click on the document you want to share.
    It will open document. Along the top of the web page you will see how many share credits you have left. If you have zero, you will need to click on ADD MORE to make a purchase.
  6. A payment box will open. You can choose how many share credits you would like to purchase. Enter payment information and click PAY. The cost for each credit will be the cost of how many Official Transcripts you would like to share.
  7. Once your payment has been processed, you will see a Purchase Confirmation. Click OK. You are now ready to share your document.