Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson


  • Four nine-week terms (1 term per year) 1232 hours of in-school training
  • 6000 hours is monitored work experience
  • Spring and Fall entry dates
  • Prepares students for Transport Canada ‘M’ License
  • Meets accreditation requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations
  • Upon completion of the 4 terms student will receive a Red River College Polytechnic Diploma


The Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Journeyperson (AMJ) program is the only Transport Canada approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineer apprentice-model training program in Canada, and is open to all Canadian aircraft maintainers and approved maintenance organizations (AMOs), regardless of location.

AMJ is a Transport Canada approved partnership program between:

  • Apprenticeship Manitoba
  • an aircraft maintenance provider (the employer)
  • an apprentice (the student)
  • Red River College Polytechnic, Stevenson Campus (the training provider)

As an employed apprentice of an approved aircraft maintenance organization, the student gains on the job training, and for nine weeks per year, attends structured training at our Southport Campus. AMJ offers a unique way for maintainers to obtain the training and experience required to qualify for an AME “M” licence.

The training is delivered by Red River College Polytechnic for Apprenticeship Manitoba. After four years, the student has completed the experience and basic training requirements for a Transport Canada Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

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