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Missed the Networking Q&A Webinar?

April 3, 2020

If you missed April 2nd’s Networking Q&A Webinar, presented by Prepped featuring Kelly Hoey, Networking Expert, check out this Prepped blog post: How to network like a pro

In this blog, Prepped posted highlights of a previous networking Q&A webinar, covering these topics:

  • LinkedIn etiquette
  • Conversations starters
  • Networking as an introvert
  • Creating long-lasting connections

They also included the recording of the webinar for you to follow along!

Prepped is a digital and personalized program that provides guidance and training to help with your job search through learning modules, short videos and simple exercises. As well, Prepped offers webinars and blog posts with career-related tips from industry and HR experts.

To take advantage of the full Prepped Learning Library, create an account here:

For more information, resources and assistance with your job search, contact RRC’s Student Employment Services at Employment Advisors are available to help via email, phone, and video conferencing!