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RRC Polytech in the Classroom

Bring our instructors into your classroom.

Do you have a class that could benefit from learning about a particular RRC Polytech program, but you’re not sure how to get them involved? Maybe you’re looking for a new, unique way to have your students engage with Manitoba’s only Polytechnic, but it seems like there’s a lot to consider and you’re not 100% sure who to connect with.

Well, good news – we can help you with this!

You can register your class today for a visit by our RRC Polytech instructors to talk to your students about career opportunities and what a future in their industry could look like. These presentations also include an engaging activity for the students and incorporate a brief overview for each program.

If you’re a guidance or career counsellor, let the teachers at your school know about this opportunity through RRC Polytech!

What to Expect

Once you’ve requested a presentation, you will be contacted by a program representative to assist in booking and presenting to your class. Presentations are typically 30-45 minutes and can be adjusted to accommodate your scheduled class time. Presentations may include demonstrations, current RRC Polytech students, and other short activities to engage your students. 

Delivery Model

Presentations will be delivered virtually or in-person. Please note that in-person requests will be based upon the availability of our staff and driving distance to the school.

Who can participate?

This programming is available for students in Grade 9 – 12. Sessions can be booked from October 2023 until May 2024.

Our Current Presentations

Applied Commerce Education

Are your students fascinated by the world of business? Do you feel that they have a passion for teaching and inspiring others? If so, our Applied Commerce; Bachelor of Education program is tailor-made for them! At RRC Polytech, our Applied Commerce Teacher Education program empowers students to become the next generation of influential business educators, shaping young minds and cultivating a deep understanding of entrepreneurship, management, marketing, and finance. Invite us for a fun and interactive session where you can try out what it’s like to be a teacher and learn more about how students can enroll in this program right after they complete grade 12. After graduation from our program, you will be certified to teach in a K-12 Manitoba School.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Topics and Trends in Business, Digital Media, Career Development, Business Communications, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Applied Commerce Education, Marketing and Digital Commerce, Business Management, Applied Business Technologies.

Child and Youth Care

Get ready to explore the exciting world of the Child and Youth Care (CYC) program at RRC Polytech in a presentation designed just for high school students! Our presentation will take students on a journey into the heart of this dynamic field, where they’ll discover how they can make a meaningful impact on the lives of children and youth. We’ll delve into the skills and knowledge CYC professionals need to support and empower young individuals facing various challenges. From classroom learning to real-world placements, they’ll gain insights into the hands-on training that RRC Polytech provides, allowing them to develop crucial communication, counselling and intervention techniques. They’ll have the chance to learn about diverse career paths, from working in schools and community centres to residential facilities and mental health agencies.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Career Development and Family Studies.

Civil Engineering Technology: Shaping Our Built Environment

Do your students wonder how the home they live in, the school they go to, the roads they drive on came to exist? How does the inside of their house stay warm and cozy when it is cold and rainy outside? Civil Engineering Technology focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of your land, cities and structures. Professionals in this industry shape the world around us and can influence the future direction and evolution of our society.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Applied and Pre-Calculus Math, Drafting and all levels of Grade 9 math and science.

Health Information Management

Do you know students interested in pursuing a career in Health Information Management (HIM)? Have us join your class as we look at health information management and how RRC Polytech can help launch your students into this exciting field.

HIM professionals are the backbone of healthcare. They do not have hands-on contact with patients like many healthcare fields, making it unique. They focus on key areas of health care such as: privacy/confidentiality, patient rights, health governance, health law, health care management, information technology and the electronic health record, statistics, research, medical coding, and data analytics. If your students have an interest in medicine and technology but don’t necessarily want to work hands-on with patients, pursuing a career in the HIM field is right for them! As technology quickly infiltrates the health care sector, exciting roles are evolving in the HIM field.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Applied Math, Pre-Calculus Math, Business Management.

Industrial Arts Education

Do your students like working with wood, metals, graphics or electronics? Do they enjoy building with their hands and crafting original products?? These are just a few topics how the Industrial Arts Teacher Education program prepares students to teach in a junior high or senior high Manitoba Classroom. Industrial Arts teachers work closely with students to help them develop skills that may grow into a lifelong hobby or even give students a sample of what it would be like to enter a profession in a variety of different trades.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Advanced Digital Media, Visual Arts, Career Development, Industrial Arts, Technical Vocational Education.

Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Medical Laboratory Sciences Program (MLS) presentation will feature dynamic and engaging information, including videos, that explain the exciting scientific field of MLS and all its components such as chemistry, hematology, histotechnology, microbiology and transfusion science. A kahoot will also be featured in this presentation.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Applied Math, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Biology

Note: Preferred dates to request bookings are Monday and Tuesdays.

Pathway to Business, Creative Communications and Digital Technology Programs (Indigenous)

In this presentation, students will be guided through the basics of managing a simple project, starting with planning and design to execution and control. The end result will be a simple paper tower required to meet certain project requirements. The students will work in groups to foster communication, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Topics and Trends in Business, Essential Math, Business Communications, Entrepreneurship, Business Management.

Note: The Pathway to Business program is an exploratory and preparatory program designed for Indigenous students. This presentation would be recommended for classrooms with a higher indigenous population.

Social Innovation, Community Development and Social Entrepreneurship (Indigenous)

Starting with societal issues that students have personally connected with – things that really bother them! – this presentation will interactively guide students through brainstorming innovative solutions. It will be a sampling of how social innovation happens in the world and in their local communities. A global and a local social innovation will be explored to highlight what is possible. The world’s toughest social problems need the world’s brightest minds and can lead to a long and rewarding career. 

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes:  Global Issues, Career Development, Business Communications, Human Ecology, Social Studies, Entrepreneurship, Applied Commerce Education, Technical-Vocational Education, Marketing and Digital Commerce, Business Management and Applied Business Technologies.

The Future of Information Technology

Do you know any students interested in pursuing a career in information technology (IT)? Have us join your class, as we look at the future of information technology, business and how RRC Polytech can help launch your students into this exciting field. There are many skill sets and personality types that are required by not only the IT industry; many not immediately thought of as being IT skills are required for all careers now. Register to have us join your classroom to teach some introductory coding, information security or machine learning skills, and discuss how there is a place for everyone in this dynamic industry.

This presentation is ideal for students in these high school classes: Computer Science, Advanced Digital Media, Topics and Trends in Business, Pre-Calculus Math, Digital Media, Career Development, Business Communications, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Digital Commerce, and Applied Business Technologies. Potential students interested in Web Application Development, Programming, Networking, IT Operations,  IT Service Delivery, Information Security and Data Science and Machine Learning would also benefit from attending.

RRC Polytech in the Classroom

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Note: Presentation requests are available starting late April 2024.

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