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Trades and technology students clean up at annual Skills Manitoba championships

April 26, 2017

Congratulations to the 52 Red River College students who scored medals in this month’s Skills Manitoba provincial competition.

Hosted by Skills Canada Manitoba on April 13, the Olympic-style competition drew more than 500 high school and post-secondary students to RRC’s Notre Dame Campus for an impressive display of hands-on expertise, talent and determination.

The event also showcased the diversity of skilled trades and technology in Manitoba, as well as the many promising futures to be found in these fields.

Students competed in over 40 different categories; the gold medal winners from each will make up Team Manitoba, and will go on to compete at this year’s Skills Canada National Competition, taking place May 31 to June 3 at the RBC Convention Centre.

A full list of RRC’s winners is below:

  • Daniel Riege (Gold, Aerospace Technology)
  • Matthew Suderman (Silver, Aerospace Technology)
  • Stefan Redden (Bronze, Aerospace Technology)
  • Daegan Teffaine-Bast (Gold, Auto Service)
  • Matthew James (Silver, Auto Service)
  • Erik Gaminek (Bronze, Auto Service)
  • Joshua Villegas (Gold, Autobody Repair)
  • Garrett Bohoychuk (Silver, Autobody Repair)
  • Mark Daley (Bronze, Autobody Repair)
  • Jill Pasveer (Gold, Baking)
  • Colin Beckman (Gold, Brick Masonry)
  • Patrick Gossling (Silver, Brick Masonry)
  • DJ Stevens (Gold, Cabinet Making)
  • Cory Casper (Silver Cabinet Making)
  • Riley Friesen (Bronze, Cabinet Making)
  • Amanda Clark (Gold, Car Painting)
  • Noah Kryschuk (Silver, Car Painting)
  • Noor-Adeen Alfakhori (Bronze, Car Painting)
  • Timonthy Klassen (Gold, Carpentry)
  • Nicholas Good (Silver, Carpentry)
  • Nicholas Good (Bronze, Carpentry)
  • Dallas Duncombe (Gold, CNC Machining)
  • Domenic Dupont (Silver, CNC Machining)
  • Alexander Ambridge (Bronze, CNC Machining)
  • Kidus Tedia (Silver, Electrical Installation)
  • Riley Wigget (Bronze, Electrical Installation)
  • Ashley Huewan (Gold, Geographic Information Systems)
  • Grace Quintana (Silver, Geographic Information Systems)
  • Ashley Santucci (Bronze, Geographic Information Systems)
  • Tyson Rudney (Gold, Heavy Equipment Service)
  • Marty Voth (Silver, Heavy Equipment Service)
  • Todd Friesen (Bronze, Heavy Equipment Service)
  • Narain Ponnampalam (Gold, Landscaping Gardening)
  • Jose Miglioranci Sapucaia (Gold, Landscaping Gardening)
  • Kevin Galas (Silver, Landscaping Gardening)
  • Clare Dempsey (Silver, Landscaping Gardening)
  • Rylan Irvine (Bronze, Landscaping Gardening)
  • Nathan Szuck (Bronze, Landscaping Gardening)
  • Amanpreet Judge (Gold, Mechanical CAD)
  • Dylan Wuttunee (Silver, Mechanical CAD)
  • Astaire Cummings (Bronze, Mechanical CAD)
  • Nicole Valgardson (Gold, Photography)
  • Steve Gray (Gold, Plumbing)
  • Stephane Audette (Silver, Plumbing)
  • Kyle Adam (Bronze, Plumbing)
  • Brad Hooper (Gold, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
  • Adam Goertzen (Silver, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
  • Stephen McIsaac (Bronze, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
  • Alain Lanouette (Sheet Metal Work, Gold)
  • Lyell Laurin (Sheet Metal Work, Silver)
  • Edgar Layer (Sheet Metal Work, Bronze)
  • Rory Emms (Gold, Welding)