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CreComm student oversees city-wide bake sale to benefit school-age girls in Nairobi

January 14, 2015

Alexandra MartinA Red River College student has organized Winnipeg’s first-ever city-wide bake sale — bringing together 15 local schools to support educational efforts for young women in Kenya.

Proceeds from this Friday’s sale will go The Wasichana Fund, a local non-profit that provides sanitary napkins and health education to more than 500 young women in Nairobi, where on average, female students miss 20 per cent of their studies because they lack a safe and dignified means of managing menstruation.

In December, ambassadors from each of the local schools met at The Wasichana Workshop, a discussion organized by second-year Creative Communications student Alexandra Martin (shown above).

The workshop focused on barriers facing young women in developing countries and the economical, social and political importance of female education. After taking part, the local ambassadors returned to their own schools to spread the message, with this week’s bake sale serving as the final campaign push.

“It’s been rewarding to see these like-minded young women come together and practice skills they will use to be future leaders in our community,” Martin says. “The goal is for them to realize the significant impact they can have when working together.”

Since its inception, The Wasichana Fund has provided more than 50,000 sanitary pads and restored more than 256,000 hours of class time to young women in Kenya. A donation of just one dollar will provide a month’s supply of sanitary napkins for one student.

Click here to donate or for more information on The Wasichana Fund.

(Photo credit: Eva Wasney, Creative Communications)