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RRC Students Shine at Skills Manitoba Competition

April 16, 2012

Red River College students were the dominant force at last week’s Skills Manitoba Skills Competition, sweeping the gold, silver and bronze medal categories in a number of post-secondary contests.

All told, RRC students earned 15 gold, 14 silver, and 15 bronze medals, for a total of 44. (Competitors Winnipeg Technical College and Assiniboine Community College both took home 14 medals each.)

The event was held April 12, 2012, at Red River College. Over 475 high school, post-secondary, and apprentice students competed in 42 skilled trades and technology contests in six industry sectors.

A full list of RRC’s medal winners is below:

  • Dylan Pereira (Gold, Aircraft Maintenance)
  • Eric Stowell (Silver, Aircraft Maintenance)
  • Zachary Hart (Bronze, Aircraft Maintenance)
  • Nick Dupuis (Gold, Architectural Tech & Design)
  • Jay Ewonchuk (Silver, Architectural Tech & Design)
  • Anthony Tran (Bronze, Architectural Tech & Design)
  • Benjamin Cabigting (Gold, Auto Service)
  • Josh MacArthur (Silver, Auto Service)
  • Curtis Mark Therrien (Bronze, Auto Service)
  • Markus Messerschmidt (Gold, Autobody Repair)
  • Devin Wood (Silver, Autobody Repair)
  • Rostyslav Rayter (Bronze, Autobody Repair)
  • Kimberly Cowan (Gold, Baking)
  • Jana Badenhorst (Silver, Baking)
  • Tara Thiffeault (Bronze, Baking)
  • Jacob Bell (Gold, Brick Masonry)
  • James Pike (Silver, Brick Masonry)
  • Kyle Donahue (Bronze, Brick Masonry)
  • Leonard Derksen (Gold, Cabinet Making)
  • Curtis McGowan (Silver, Cabinet Making)
  • Cale Holden (Bronze, Cabinet Making)
  • Brandon Dueck (Gold, Car Painting)
  • Derrick Benjamin (Silver, Car Painting)
  • Jennifer Lennox (Bronze, Car Painting)
  • Christopher Erbus (Gold, Carpentry)
  • Christopher Conrad (Silver, Carpentry)
  • Jerry Baker (Bronze, Carpentry)
  • Yan Zha Yu (Gold, CNC Machining)
  • Rezleigh Vanderarert (Silver, CNC Machining)
  • Kristopher Ade (Gold, Cooking)
  • Marco Sousa (Silver, Cooking)
  • Kevin Russell (Gold, Electronics)
  • Tyler Zalizniak (Silver, Heavy Equipment Service)
  • Jordan Duncan (Bronze Heavy Equipment Service)
  • Justin Allary (Gold, Mechanical CAD)
  • Braden Malak (Bronze, Mechanical CAD)
  • Cory Fines (Gold, Plumbing)
  • Brant Bell (Bronze, Plumbing)
  • Patrick Unrah (Bronze, Precision Machining)
  • Michael Walmsley (Gold, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
  • Will Fleming (Silver, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
  • Rick Peterson (Bronze, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
  • Marty Doyle (Gold, Sheet Metal Work)
  • Joel Rocan (Silver, Sheet Metal Work)
  • Jonathan Neufeld (Bronze, Sheet Metal Work)