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New joint program with Chinese institute

May 6, 2009

Red River College (RRC) and Shenyang Institute of Engineering (SIE) of
China have reached an agreement to create a new joint program in
Electrical Engineering Technology. The partnership is the first of its
kind for a Chinese educational institution.

The agreement was signed at RRC’s Princess Street Campus today by SIE
President Dr. Zhang Tieyan, RRC President Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, and RRC
Vice-President of Business Development David Leis.

Under the new program, students will train for two years at SIE, and
then have the option to transfer to RRC for one and a half years of
study in the Electrical Engineering Technology program. Graduates will
receive diplomas from both SIE and RRC. The first intake of students
from China is expected in September 2010.

The joint diploma program is the latest development in RRC’s lengthy
relationship with SIE. For over 20 years the two institutions have
participated in faculty and student exchanges and joint program
development and delivery. One of the first students to participate in a
joint program was Dr. Zhang Tieyan, who studied English under the
guidance of an RRC instructor during the early-nineties when he was a
teacher at SIE.