Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Language Training Centre is the preferred provider of innovative, responsive programs, services and research that assist and empower adult language learners to reach their education, career and life goals. 

Our Mission

The purpose of the Language Training Centre is to provide excellent information, programs, services and leadership in language assessment and learning by:

  • Assessing language skills accurately, efficiently and effectively and helping to identify strengths and gaps
  • Providing individuals and organizations with accurate, useful information to make informed choices toward their goals
  • Making decisions and recommendations for programs, services, and products based on current sound evidence
  • Offering innovative, responsive programs and services to meet stakeholder needs
  • Gathering, analyzing, and reporting on data gathered about language learning so that there are ongoing improvements to programs, services and outcomes
  • Collaborating, consulting and making connections with an increasing number and variety of partners and stakeholders
  • Sharing our expertise and looking for mentors
  • Continually building capacity in our centre