Academic Language Assessments

English Language Proficiency Assessment at the Language Training Centre

We believe that Red River College students need strong language skills in order to complete their programs successfully and then find and maintain jobs in their chosen careers. Our goal is to help prospective students realize the important role that language plays in a Red River College program and what steps to take to make sure they work hard to attain strong language skills.

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Each of the topics below will help you understand how and why we assess your English language skills at the Language Training Centre:

Who are we?

Who we are

Our approach to assessment

Who needs an English language assessment?

Who we test

Assessment for visa students studying EAL

Why we assess English language skills:

Why we test

Language demands of Red River College programs

English Language Proficiency tests:

English language proficiency tests administered at the LTC

After taking the language assessment:

How tests are scored

Receiving Institutional CanTEST results

Unsuccessful test takers?

Improving language skills

Before taking the language assessment:

Test preparation

How to schedule an Institutional CanTEST at the LTC 

Institutional CanTEST fee

The day of the test