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Language Training Centre

LTC's Recycling Program

September 15, 2014

Did you know that most things can be recycled instead of put in the garbage?

Sustainability is a priority at Red River College. Students at the Language Training Centre have an important role to play to support the College’s sustainability goals, especially with waste reduction and recycling.
“Pitch In” and “Hall It” are the names of our 2 recycling programs and it is important for staff and students to get to know what can and cannot be recycled!

Pitch in

Pitch In: The top 10 rules for recycling on campus

  1. STOP AND THINK – can I recycle this?
  2. Read the “Pitch In” signs in the hallways to know what you can and cannot recycle.
  3. Always check the recycling symbol on the bottom of all plastic containers. recycle
  4. We recycle plastics #1,2,3,4, 5 and 7. We do not recycle plastic # 6.
  5. Coffee cups are not recyclable – they go into the garbage.
  6. Wash or rinse ALL bottles, containers and food cans before they go into the recycling bins.
  7. Break down large cardboard boxes and place them beside the recycling bins for pick up.
  8. Plastic bags cannot be recycled and go into the garbage.
  9. Encourage others to recycle on campus.
  10. “Hall It” means haul all of your garbage out of classrooms and labs.


Hall ItHall It

Classrooms do not have recycling or waste bins. Staff and students must take their trash and recyclables when leaving classrooms and discard them in the correct hallway bins.
For more information please contact:
Sustainability Coordinator, Sue Hayduk e: or p: 204.632.2144
To learn more about sustainability at Red River College, visit