Ethics Program

Together we make Red River College a great place to work, teach and learn. We value respect, inclusiveness and integrity and strive to:

  • demonstrate fairness, courtesy, and compassion in all our interactions;
  • foster an environment where all feel valued, respected and involved to contribute to an inclusive and diverse organization;
  • conduct ourselves honestly and ethically in managing the resources and information entrusted to us.

Our values must be supported with the right tools and processes – which include the College’s Ethical Behaviour Policy, the Public Interest Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection Policy, and the ConfidenceLine Ethics Reporting Service.

ConfidenceLine, a division of Xpera HRServices, is Red River College’s authorized external service provider for employees to anonymously report behaviour that violates the law or RRC policies when reporting through existing channels may not be possible. The ConfidenceLine E-Web reporting system offers a secure web reporting process that allows for direct and confidential communication between employees and the College. Reports are automatically encrypted and IP addresses are not tracked. The data is maintained on servers in Vancouver and closed reports are purged from the system after one year.

ConfidenceLine collects a report, including any supporting material, and provides it to individuals at RRC who are best positioned and qualified to address, manage and resolve the concern. Two senior College officials are notified by the system during business hours when a report has been submitted. To avoid a senior official from receiving a report in which they may be implicated, ConfidenceLine employees review each submission and redirect notification of the report to another appropriate RRC official.

Persons submitting a ConfidenceLine report are given a login ID and password so they may log back in later to view RRC’s response and respond to questions from the College if requested.

Prior to submitting a report through ConfidenceLine, employees are to review the list of RRC Reporting Channels below and guidelines for ConfidenceLine Reports to determine whether regular reporting channels or an anonymous report is the most appropriate option. This ethics reporting service is not intended to circumvent existing policies, procedures and collective agreements.

RRC Reporting Channels (Non-anonymous)

It is incumbent that any employee who becomes aware of wrongdoing or unethical behaviour as defined in the College’s Ethical Behaviour Policy and Public Interest Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection Policy disclose such information to the College.

Reports should be made in confidence to an immediate supervisor who is required to take a report to the appropriate next level. If an employee feels they cannot make a report to their supervisor, the following confidential reporting options are available:

  1. Departmental Chair, Dean or Director
  2. Manager or Director of Human Resource Services
  3. Chief Human Resource Officer (also the designated RRC Public Interest Disclosure Officer)
  4. Executive Director or Vice-President responsible for the department where the concern is.

Examples of suspected activities that should be reported include:

  • Fraudulent financial reporting
  • Manipulation or falsification of data
  • Health, safety and environmental concerns
  • Violations of law, regulations, policy or procedure
  • Bribery or kickbacks
  • Unethical conduct
  • Conflict of interest
  • Harm to people or property
  • Theft, embezzlement or fraud
  • Improper gifts or gratuities

ConfidenceLine Report Guidelines

Employees are encouraged to report any suspected wrongdoing using the above reporting channels since RRC’s ability to investigate anonymous allegations is limited when no supporting evidence is provided and when no witnesses come forward.

Employees have the option to identify themselves while making a ConfidenceLine Report and their identity, and that of witnesses, will be protected.

Anonymous submissions will be investigated at the College’s discretion depending on the nature of the complaint and there being sufficient information for investigation.

  • Submissions to ConfidenceLine must be made in good faith by employees who honestly believe misconduct has been or is about to be committed and when there are reasonable indications to support their belief.
    • ConfidenceLine is not to be used for submitting complaints or comments about College policy decisions, management decisions and personnel when no wrongdoing is suspected.
    • Reports that contain disrespectful comments will not be reviewed or investigated.
  • All available material that supports the reported concern should be provided with the submission (documents, memos, pictures, emails, etc.)
  • Reports should be submitted as soon as possible once an employee becomes aware of an issue.
  • If an employee is aware their concern is already being addressed by the College, they should not report it through ConfidenceLine.
  • Multiple reports containing the same information about an issue will not affect how the College deals with a report.
  • If you are reporting a rumour you have heard about possible improper activity in the workplace, please indicate in your report that it is a rumour, and that you are not sure if it is true.

Make a ConfidenceLine Report

To make a report, visit ConfidenceLine’s secure RRC Ethics Reporting Service website.

Questions or Comments

The Red River College Program Manager for ConfidenceLine is Kathi Gudmandson, Executive Administrator to the Board of Governors / Corporate Secretary.