Together we make Red River College a great place to work, teach and learn. We value respect, inclusiveness and integrity and strive to:

  • demonstrate fairness, courtesy, and compassion in all our interactions;
  • foster an environment where all feel valued, respected and involved to contribute to an inclusive and diverse organization;
  • conduct ourselves honestly and ethically in managing the resources and information entrusted to us.

Our values must be woven into our daily actions, and be supported with the right tools and processes – which include the College’s Ethical Behaviour Policy and Public Interest Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection Policy.

To help us further our values, the Red River College Ethics Program supported by ClearView Connects™ allows RRC employees to anonymously and confidentially report what they perceive as cases of workplace misconduct or unethical behaviour if they feel they cannot make a report through regular channels.

ClearView Connects™ lets employees safely and anonymously submit reports through: ClearView’s secure website; their toll-free telephone service; or post office box. ClearView Connects™ is easy to use and available 24/7 (see Reporting Guide for additional details). To make a report, use whichever reporting option* is most comfortable for you:

  • Online through their secure website at
  • Over the phone through the Red River College dedicated toll-free number 1-844-745-0389 (you will be able to speak to an operator or leave a voice message containing your report).
  • By mail through a confidential post office box at:
    P.O. Box 11017
    Toronto, Ontario M1E 1N0

*ClearView does not allow reporting by email or fax since these are not secure reporting processes, and the anonymity of the Reporter as well as the confidentiality of the report may be jeopardized.

When you have submitted a report via the web-based system or telephone operator, you will be given a login ID and password so you can log back in later to check the status of your report. Be sure to keep your login ID and password in a safe place so you can access the report again. ClearView and RRC do not know your login ID and password, and will be unable to retrieve them for you if you forget or lose them.

Note that login IDs and passwords cannot be provided to you if using the telephone voicemail option or mailing in a hard copy report. If you want to follow up on the status of your report, which we encourage you to do, please submit your report using the online or telephone operator options.


As an institute of higher education, Red River College has an obligation to be a leader in teaching the skills and knowledge students will need to engage in their chosen professions in an ethical manner.

RRC depends on public financial support as a primary source of funding. As stewards of the public trust, unethical behavior reduces public confidence in the integrity of our institution. Even the appearance of impropriety is damaging.

Therefore, it is the commitment of RRC that all corporate action will be a model of not only legal compliance, but also sound ethical conduct.

In May 2010 the College adopted a series of Principles of Conduct policies, including Principles of Conduct; Public Interest Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection; and Ethical Behaviour. These policies include that:

The College will not allow or condone any practice, activity, decision or organizational circumstance that is either imprudent, illegal, in violation of commonly accepted business and professional ethics, not in keeping with the College’s statement of values, or in contravention of applicable laws, Board policies or Board directives.

It is the policy of Red River College that a person who becomes aware of wrongdoing as defined by the Public Interest Disclosure Act has the obligation to make disclosure of such information. There will be no reprisal against a person who has made such a disclosure in good faith.

It is the policy of Red River College that employees will engage in ethical behaviour. It is incumbent upon any member of the College community who becomes aware of unethical behaviour as defined in Policy P5 – Ethical Behaviour to make disclosure of such information. There will be no reprisal when such a disclosure is made in good faith.

Since the implementation of RRC’s Principles of Conduct policies, the use of highly secure ethics reporting/whistleblowing solutions has become more common in the Canadian public sector. In March 2016 the RRC Board of Governors directed the College to establish an anonymous and confidential whistleblower hotline system for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints by employees regarding possible wrongdoing in the workplace.

While RRC employees are encouraged to continue using existing channels to report concerns or make disclosures under the College’s Ethical Behaviour and Public Interest Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection policies, it is recognized this is not always possible. In such cases, ClearView Connects™ is available. The RRC Ethics Program is not intended to circumvent existing policies, procedures and collective agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is RRC making the ClearView Connects™ ethics reporting system available to its employees?

It is incumbent that any employee who becomes aware of wrongdoing or unethical behaviour as defined in the College’s Ethical Behaviour Policy and Public Interest Disclosure/Whistleblower Protection Policy disclose such information to the College.

You are encouraged to report any suspected wrongdoing, unethical behaviour or irregularity using the process outlined in RRC Disclosure policy. However, we understand there may be situations where you may not be able to speak up directly. In these circumstances, ClearView Connects™ enables you to report perceived wrongdoing or unethical behaviour anonymously, confidentially and securely. By making ClearView Connects™ available to its employees, RRC is ensuring that you are able to speak up with confidence.

What role does ClearView play?

ClearView Connects™ is a highly-secure, comprehensive, entirely Canadian-based ethics reporting service that not only supports our Principles of Conduct policies, but contributes to enhanced transparency, internal controls and governance practices within RRC.

It offers a confidential, secure and anonymous channel for you to report perceived wrongdoing/unethical workplace behaviour to qualified personnel at RRC. ClearView does not review reports submitted to the ClearView Connects™ system – this is the responsibility of designated individuals at RRC who ensure that reports are addressed and resolved in a fair and timely manner.

Should I report something I suspect may be wrong?

You should report your concern if you have reasonable grounds for your suspicion and you raise it in good faith. Reporting in good faith means you honestly believe something is improper and allowing it to continue could harm the College. RRC expects that all disclosures will be made in good faith – that they will be based on the discloser’s best understanding of the situation.

If you are reporting a rumour you have heard about some possible improper activity in the workplace, please indicate in your report that this is a rumour, and that you are not sure if it is true.

How does ClearView Connects™ work?

ClearView Connects™ works by collecting your report and providing it to individuals within RRC who are best positioned and qualified to address, manage and resolve it. RRC Reviewers are automatically notified by the system when your report has been submitted. They can log in to view the report and may ask you follow-up questions and inform you about how the report is being addressed. You will be given a system-generated login ID and password that allows you to log back into the system and communicate with the Reviewers or update your report.

Some features of the system include:

  • The ability to maintain your anonymity by refraining from including identifiable information with your report.
  • The ability to upload documents and files to your report.
  • A minimum of two RRC Reviewers receive notification of every submission.
  • Security elements that include robust encryption and Canadian-based servers

What happens to the report after I submit it?

After you have submitted a report, the ClearView Connects™ system will immediately notify the RRC Reviewers that a report has been submitted. An RRC Master Reviewer is responsible for ensuring that your report will be addressed, investigated and managed.

It is important that you check the status of your report (and you can do so by calling the telephone service or logging into the web-based system with your system-generated login ID and password). This is recommended because Reviewers may have additional questions or comments. Your identity remains protected throughout the process – unless you choose to reveal it by including identifying information in your report.

What type of suspected activities should be disclosed?

Examples include:

  • Fraudulent or inaccurate financial reporting
  • Manipulation or falsification of data
  • Health, safety and environmental concerns
  • Violations of law, regulations, policy or procedure
  • Bribery or kickbacks
  • Unethical conduct
  • Conflict of interest
  • Harm to people or property
  • Theft, embezzlement or fraud
  • Improper gifts or gratuities

Further Questions

Additional questions and answers regarding the ClearView system are included in the Help function of ClearView Connects™.

The Red River College Program Administrator for ClearView Connects™ is Kathi Gudmandson, RRC Corporate Secretary.