Configure wireless network – Android

To manually configure your personal device to connect to the RRC wireless network, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Apps icon, and then tap the Settings icon.
    app icon and settings button
  2. Tap the Wi‑Fi menu, turn on Wi‑Fi by flicking the slider to the green “On” position, and then tap the Add Wi‑Fi network menu.
    wi-fi menu slider
  3. Complete the following fields as required:
    • In the Network SSID field, select RRCWireless (case sensitive).
    • In the Security field, select 802.1x EAP in the drop‑down menu.
    • In the EAP method field, select PEAP in the drop‑down menu.
    • In the Phase 2 authentication field, select MSCHAPV2 in the drop‑down menu.
    • In the CA certificate and User Certificate fields, select (unspecified) in the drop‑down menu.
      IMPORTANT: For newer versions of the Android OS, in the CA certificate field, select Don’t validate. If the Don’t validate option does not appear in the drop‑down menu, select (unspecified).

      ca certificate menu
    • In the Identity field, enter your College user name.
    • Leave the Anonymous identity field blank.
    • In the Password field, enter your College password, and then click Connect (or Save for newer versions of the Android OS). The RRC PolytechWireless network status will change to from “Obtaining IP address” to “Connected,” and you can begin using the network.

    NOTE: Enter the same user name and password that you use to access the RRC Polytech network.

    add network configuration menu

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