Log on to RRC Webex

  1. On your HUB home page, in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Webex.
  2. On the RRC Webex page, click Sign in on the right‑hand side.webex log on page and sign in button
  3. Enter your College user name (followed by @rrc.ca for staff or @academic.rrc.ca for students), and then click Next.webex log on screen
  4. Webex will redirect you to the RRC sign in menu and automatically populate the College user name field, enter your password, and then click Sign in.username and password
  5. NOTE: Steps 4–7 apply only when you log on to Webex for the first time.
  6. Enter your phone number and then click Save.
    NOTE: This is required for audio meetings and to receive technical support.

    enter phone number and click save
  7. Webex uses Microsoft Office products to schedule meetings. To install these productivity tools, click Download in the bottom left‑hand corner.click Download on the bottom left
  8. Click Continue in the bottom left‑hand corner.click continue
  9. Your account is now set up. Click the go to Preferences link at the bottom of the window to set up your personal preferences.click on go to preferences
IMPORTANT: To log off Webex, close out of your web browser entirely, not just the tab that Webex was open in. This will help keep your account secure until the next time you log on to Webex.

For further reference and support, refer to the Webex FAQ and Webex How Tos webpages.

NOTE: If you have any issues with your Webex account, please see the ITS Service Desk webpage to submit a support request.

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