VMWare Horizon Client setup instructions

  1. In your Windows search box, type Software Center, and then press the Enter key (or click the search result). Please see the Software Center Help Resources page for additional information.
    software center search
  2. On the Applications tab, click VMWare Horizon Client.
    software centre applications tab – vmware icon
  3. On the Application details page, click Install.
    application details window – vmware install button
  4. Once the installation process is complete, restart your computer, and then double‑click the VMware Horizon Client icon on your desktop to launch the application.
    vmware desktop icon
  5. On the VMware Horizon Client window, double‑click the staffvdi icon.
    staffvdi icon
  6. NOTE: Any time the following Disclaimer window displays, click Accept.

    vmware disclaimer window

  7. On the Login window, enter your College User name and Password (VPN is not required), and then click Login.
    vmware log on screen
  8. On the VMware Horizon Client window, double‑click the Development environment that you want to test.
    vmware development environment icons
  9. Enter your College Password to log on to the new virtual desktop environment.

IMPORTANT: You cannot save anything to the Desktop, My Documents, or C: drive and access it later. Each new session resets all storage locations, similar to the computers in D309 or A115. Save your work to OneDrive, Network Shares, etc., in order to access it at a later session.

NOTE: You can download the Samsung VMWare Horizon Client app from Google Play. (Use the same log on procedures when using the Samsung application.)

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