Permissions FAQ

A full control owner can manage team site permissions for the team site as well as the libraries and the lists within the site.

Permission Inheritance

When your site is created, Permission Inheritance allows permissions to cascade down from the parent site, which is the top level of your team site.

These permissions apply to all the sub‑sites (also called child sites) that you may have. The same permissions also apply to every library and list under the parent or sub‑site, including every document and item within the site.

Permission Inheritance diagram

The following image shows the inherited permissions in GREEN that apply to every sub‑site, library, and list.

Stop Inheriting Permissions

When you Stop Inheriting Permissions, anything after the break will no longer inherit permissions from the parent site.

When a full control owner adds, modifies, or removes a member from the parent site, it does not reflect in the sub‑sites, libraries, or lists where you stopped the inheritance.

Stopping inheritance of parent permissions is a useful tool in SharePoint because it:

  • Allows greater control over who can view information in the library or list.
  • Permits different permission levels for different members.
  • Allows creation of libraries with content specific to smaller groups.
  • Allows lists that contain separate information for specific needs.
  • Ensures that sensitive documentation remains available only to those involved in the project.

Stop Inheriting Permissions diagram

The following image shows the stopped inheritance of permissions in RED that apply to the sub‑site, list, and to the items within. The remaining permissions are shown in GREEN since they are still inheriting from the parent.

NOTE: Although useful in your team site, you should be mindful of your permissions and adjust them accordingly.

Please see the Provide Team Site permissions website for instructions on how to provide access to your team site.

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