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Information Technology Solutions

Computer viruses

A computer virus is a piece of code that is written to intentionally cause damage to software or data files or to attempt to take control of a computer’s resources and use it for malevolent purposes. Viruses execute on a given trigger, such as running a program, opening an email, or even simply visiting a particular website. As viruses can have potentially devastating effects, it is vital that all computer users be familiar with, and implement, best practices in computing to guard against infection. Many viruses include the ability to propagate so that once they infect your computer, they can be automatically sent to every email address in your address book, which clogs up the College email server. Other viruses propagate via shared folders on the College network, which disrupts various network facilities.

College policy on anti‑virus management

College Policy states that Information Technology Solutions and users are equally obliged to exercise due care and vigilance in combating the virus threat. It is in the interests of all users to protect the information on their computers as some viruses can do irreversible damage, such as deleting your files.

Email anti‑virus procedures

IT Solutions has invested in comprehensive anti‑virus scanning systems to ensure that all email entering and leaving the College is scanned for known viruses, and infected emails are quarantined or deleted when appropriate. Additionally, some file extensions, which are known to be associated with viruses, are blocked by the College email system.

Computer anti‑virus procedures

RRC Polytech has a site license for the installation of anti‑virus software on all computers on the network. All computers attached to the College network are obliged to run up‑to‑date anti‑virus software. IT Solutions constantly monitors the College network for evidence of virus infections. When a computer is identified as having a virus, which may spread to other computers on the network, IT Solutions may disable the computer’s network connection. Once IT Solutions support staff have confirmed that the machine is clear of infection, it will reactivate the computer’s network connection.

Perform an anti‑virus scan

For instructions on performing a virus scan on a College‑issued computer, refer to the following page:

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