Unlock your College account

Your College account will become locked if a computer, cell phone, or person attempts to log on with your user name and fails multiple times. If you know what caused your account to become locked and have corrected the issue, please wait 30 minutes and try to log on again.

If you have recently changed your password and are not sure why your account is locked, please verify that you have updated your password in the following commonly overlooked places:

  • Cell phone Wi‑Fi password
  • Cell phone email account password
  • Laptop Wi‑Fi password

Failing to update the password stored in these locations will result in a continuously locked account until you resolve the issue.

If your account remains locked after following these instructions, you can email servicedesk@rrc.ca and provide your name, student/employee number, and a detailed description of your issue. Be sure to include the steps you have tried to resolve the issue. Please be advised that this email address is not monitored evenings, weekends, or College holidays.

NOTE: If you are unable to connect your laptop, tablet, or cell phone to the College’s wireless network, please see the Troubleshooting tips – Connect to Red River College wireless webpage.

Troubleshooting staff password concerns

If you use a College‑issued mobile phone or tablet, you must change your password on these devices as well.

If you changed your password on a College‑issued laptop at an off‑site location or not on the College’s wired network, you can update your locally stored password in one of the following two ways:

  • Connect your laptop to the College’s wired network to automatically update your locally stored password.
  • OR

  • Log on to your laptop using your old password, connect to the College’s VPN network, lock your laptop using ctrl‑alt‑delete, click Lock, and then unlock your laptop using your new password.

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