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Information Technology Solutions

Send email to OneNote

You may need a place to store your emails that are associated with projects and discussions. You would benefit from a new OneNote Notebook created specifically for these emails.

You can choose to scroll through each topic on this page, or you may click individual topics directly below.

Create a new notebook and section

  1. Open OneNote.
  2. Click +New notebook then name the notebook Emails or similar, (this will allow you to easily locate the emails sent to OneNote), and then click Create.
    click create
  3. In that new notebook click on the heading called This notebook is empty and enter a new section name, and then click OK.
    NOTE: This section name should be specific to the emails you want to send to OneNote.

    name the section and click ok

    In OneNote, your newly named section will be located on the left‑hand side.
    new section

Set up email to OneNote

  1. Visit Microsoft’s Save emails to OneNote webpage.
  2. Click Set up email to OneNote.
    click set up email to onenote
  3. Enter your College email address, and then click Next.
    enter email address and click next
  4. Click Work or school account.
    click work or school account
  5. Enter your College email address and password, and click Sign in.
    enter password and click sign in
  6. Click No.
    click no
  7. Click the drop‑down arrow, choose both the notebook name and the section name as your default location, and then click Save. This example shows the Emails notebook and the Departmental Emails section in the drop‑down choices.
    choose the location and click save

Send your emails to OneNote

  1. Select an email that you would like to send to OneNote, and click Forward.
  2. In the “To” field enter this email address every time,, and click Send.
    click send
  3. Open OneNote, the email will be located in the default notebook and section you had selected. The sender’s email address is located at the bottom of the email information.
    notebook with  email added

Move one page to another notebook

The emails you send to OneNote might refer to different topics or discussions. You can move/copy them to another notebook to organize your pages.

  1. Right‑click on the page you want to move, and then click Move/Copy in the submenu.
    click move copy
  2. Select the new notebook location, if you want it only in the new location, click Move, if you want the email to reside in both locations, click Copy.
    choose notebook and move or copy
    NOTE: Currently you cannot select and move multiple pages at once.

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