Microsoft Planner FAQ

What can I use Planner for?

Microsoft Planner is a project management application that is integrated with Microsoft Teams. Planner allows teams to create, assign, and organize work visually. It facilitates teamwork, shows progress visibility, and task coordination.

Microsoft Planner involves creating a plan that is equivalent to starting a project made up of tasks organized into buckets or categories. You can assign each task a label, a deadline, and a team member.

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How do I access Microsoft Planner?

Web version

Log on to HUB, and in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Office 365, click All Apps, and then click Planner.

App version

Log on to HUB, and in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Office 365, click All Apps, and then click Planner. Once Planner has opened, click Get the app, and you will receive a prompt for your phone number to text you the download.

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How do I create a plan?

You must create a plan using Microsoft Teams at Red River College. To learn more about this functionality, visit Microsoft’s Create a plan with Planner in Teams webpage.

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Who can access a plan?

Planner is available to all College employees, but you must be a member of a team to see a plan within that team.

NOTE: We currently do not offer Teams to students, alumni, or retired staff.

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Why do I get an error message when I create a plan in Planner?

You cannot create new plans from the standalone Planner application in Office 365. If you attempt to do so, you will get this error message each time.

error message

You can, however, edit and view existing plans created in Teams in the standalone Planner application in Office 365.

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What functionality does Planner provide?

  • Assign, organize, and collaborate on tasks.
  • Set due dates, update progress statuses, and share files.
  • Attach files, meeting notes, photos, links, checklists, flags, and comments.
  • Create categories such as quarters, department, or the type of work involved.
  • Customize options, including calendar view, picture view, progress report chats, pinned favourites, and drag‑and‑drop updates.
  • Cross‑device support and integration with iOS and Android devices.

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What are board view and charts view?

The board view offers a more detailed look at your plan’s organization and progress. The charts view shows how your plan is progressing, including details about what is complete, in progress, not started, and late.

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Where can I find more information about Planner?

ITS Help Resources

Microsoft Support

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How can I receive additional technical assistance?

If you have explored the FAQ page and technical support links and still cannot find the answers you are looking for, please see the ITS Service Desk webpage to submit a support request.
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