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Trying on Scrum with TOTT

September 2, 2015

Photo of four trades

Four TOTT skilled trade examples

Apprenticeship Manitoba (AM), a long-time client of Red River College’s Teaching and Learning Technologies Centre (TLTC), dreamed mid-2014 of a game that could engage middle-school kids and introduce them to the world of the skilled trades. The vision was an immersive 3-D virtual world where custom avatars used all kinds of tools and materials to build cool stuff. But with a small budget and only a few months to deliver, it was a tall order. Read More →

CounterPoint App

January 13, 2014

Ready to count traffic? CounterPoint makes it easy. Count bikes, count pedestrians, count cars, count people in wheelchairs..and more!

CounterPoint’s users are helping to plan a better future for everyone, just by counting traffic. It relies on crowdsourcing and, like Wikipedia, is an amazingly reliable and easy way to gather important data.

All of the data is yours to download, analyse and share. You get instant graphs every count. Come back to the same spot next year to compare!

Developed by Canadian non-profit Green Action Centre, CounterPoint aims to make traffic counting easier and comparable everywhere. Each count you do adds to what we know about all kinds of traffic (not just cars). The important data generated by counterpoint users will help plan better bike lanes, monitor safer school zones, make stronger cases for new crosswalks and more!

BIT students helped to created the web application version of CounterPoint in 2012 and a prototype for an Android application in 2014.

View and download the CounterPoint App

City of Winnipeg Archives – Winnipeg in Focus

January 13, 2014

Winnipeg in FOCUS is the product of a partnership between the City of Winnipeg Archives, Red River College, and the City of Winnipeg’s Corporate IT Department. In January, 2014, a team of Red River College students in the Business Information Technology Industry Project Course, began developing an application to improve access to the rich collection of photographs held by the Archives. Functional requirements and content were provided by the Archives. Technical mentorship and design services were provided by Corporate IT.

Winnipeg in FOCUS is a web-based application that allows users to search and view photographs and graphic materials held by the City of Winnipeg Archives. At the moment, Winnipeg in FOCUS includes only a fraction of the thousands of images in our holdings. Content will be added as resources allow.

View the archives at Winnipeg in FOCUS

Data Analytics Project

September 11, 2012

Requested by the Winnipeg Foundation for the purpose of analyzing donor’s patterns & preferences.

The Foundation wanted to be able to obtain information available from current internal data sources through a very difficult and time-consuming process. The students’ main challenge was the obtaining of donation information as a function of time (several different perspectives).
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Flood Mapper Project

September 11, 2012

The Flood Mapper Project was requested by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) for the purpose of creating a proof of concept application that could be used to show the value of collecting LIDAR data. The Flood Mapper program itself was used to analyze the different watershed areas in Manitoba along the Red River basin.
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Virtual Robot Games Website

March 12, 2012

A trio of Red River College students have received rave reviews from a local robotic software developer, for their work on a prototype website for the Manitoba-based Virtual Robot Games (VRG).

As part of their coursework for the fall term of RRC’s Business Information Technology program, second-year students Cyle Hunter, Scott Bevan and Nathaniel Dolynchuk paired with Winnipeg-based Cogmation Robotics, a software developer specializing in robotic simulation.

The students developed a web application that allows VRG competitors to register their virtual players and teams, to upload autonomous game behaviours, robots and arenas, and to view their resulting scores and rankings.

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