Discover information technology (IT), including web development and database and network management.

This two-year program provides a solid foundation in information technology, with focus on the following technical areas:

  • Application Development builds proficiency in application development for business systems. Languages include Java, C# and Ruby.
  • Database Management will provide you with a highly developed skill set focused on daily operation of relational databases, system administration, backup and recovery, advanced SQL and data warehousing.
  • Network Management will give you the skills needed for network administration, security and disaster recovery, platform integration, and Windows and Unix servers. Some courses are integrated with established programs such as the Cisco Networking Academy Program.
  • Web Development will provide you with the specialized skills you need to develop content for the web, including server-side technologies, introductory Internet security, platform integration and mobile technologies.

The program provides training in three distinct areas:

  • Technical training
  • Related business courses for understanding business systems
  • Practical applied training, through an industry project or paid co-op work term

Graduates will receive the Business Information Technology diploma.

This program has been accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society’s (CIPS) College Program Accreditation Council (CPAC). The CPAC works with academic institutions to ensure educational programs prepare students for the demands of the Information System profession.

The College also offers an Introduction to Business Information Technology program designed
for applicants who do not meet the admission requirements for the two-year Business Information Technology program.

Accreditation Status: Accredited by CIPS

Faculty Associations: CIPS, ITAC, ASAC, IEEE, ICTAM, CPA, CAFCE

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