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Computer and Information Systems Technology

ACE Virtual Exchange Program

January 28, 2021

The Applied Computer Education department at Red River College is hosting a three-week virtual exchange program this February with students from the International Federal Institute of Fortaleza (IFCE) in Brazil. The selected students will gain Canadian work experience while working on an IT industry project with a group of international students. There will also be online networking events that the students can attend. In the future, the plan is to execute the exchange in-person.

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Objectives of the Virtual Exchange Program

The International Experiences in Informational Technology Virtual Exchange Program will address the following objectives:

  1. It will implement and test approaches to better prepare students to transition to physical mobility experiences.
  2. The Virtual Exchange will strengthen the relationship between IFCE in Brazil and RRC in Winnipeg, which will help close the gap in funding and resources for study or work abroad opportunities for participants.
  3. It will develop potential pathways for program development, enhancement, and roll-out, with the aim to implement successful models across post-secondary institutions.
  4. The Virtual Exchange will share information about best practices and strengthen evidence-based approaches used by post-secondary institutions in the Canadian post-secondary education sector.
  5. It will leverage new sources of funding and resources to support study and work abroad opportunities.

What to Expect

  1. The Virtual exchange will begin on Monday, February 1, 2021.
  2. IFCE will select up to four students to participate.
  3. The IFCE students will provide the ACE Project Space with a resume so that faculty at RRC can assign them to the appropriate project.
  4. The IFCE students will participate in the IT projects for three weeks in total and will work on the project for four hours a day five days a week.
  5. If everything goes well on the project, then the IFCE students are invited to continue working on the project until the end of the term (April 30, 2021).
  6. Two or three professors from IFCE are invited to support the students with the projects and collaborate with RRC faculty, but this is not mandatory.
  7. The IFCE students and professors must sign an NDA and understand that there could be legal repercussions if they do not follow the NDA.
  8. The goal of the virtual exchange is to build the foundation to create an in-person exchange in the next two years between IFCE and RRC. Five students from RRC will go to IFCE to participate in an IT summer program, and five students from IFCE will go to RRC to participate in an IT summer program.

Proposed Schedule

See our virtual exchange schedule at the link below.

Virtual Exchange (Schedule)

Contact Information

For more information about this program contact Raeanne Hebert at at Red River College; or Francisco Gutenberg Albuquerque Filho at at IFCE.

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