Computer and Information Systems Technology

Stovetop Shield

December 23, 2019

Project Term: Fall 2019

Nadia Williams, the creator of Stovetop Shield came up with the idea for a stovetop safety solution due to a personal experience. We take stoves for granted, yet they can unexpectedly pose risks to overwhelmed workers, the elderly, and parents with infant children. If a cook does not pay adequate attention to cooking occurring on the stovetop, household damage, serious injury, or death can occur. Williams approached the ACE Project Space to build a solution to reduce the risks inherent in using a stovetop. A team of BIT and BTM students at the space built the foundation for a mobile safety application equipped with features to operate a stove as well as monitor the stove from any part of the world and at any time.

Creating a foundation for Internet-connected devices

Our BIT and BTM students built a user-friendly mobile application that enables users to register stovetop devices (hardware interoperability will be created in the future). These devices once connected will be able to display whether the stovetop elements are turned on and at temperature they are emitting. Eventually the solution will be able to allow the user to take pictures of the stovetop remotely.


The Stovetop Shield team completed the following deliverables for the project during the fall term at the ACE Project Space:

  • Account management features
  • Stovetop monitoring screen
  • Device registration
  • Notification system

What our students are saying

“Throughout the course of this project, I have learnt a lot. The beginning phase was a bit different as I had to start working with a new team and on a completely new project. This phase taught me to cooperate and collaborate with the team, gather requirements from the client and also learn a bit about coding and the technical aspect of the project.” – Arshdeep Singh

“I learned about the daily stand-up meeting with project manager where the team members can tell their problem and resolve it.  I also learned about teamwork and how to work in a team. If we have any conflicts, we resolve them by communicating with the team members. We appreciate the other team member’s ideas. It was a good experience working with a real client in the ACE Project Space.” – Mankaranvir Singh

“This project was a really good and challenging experience while learning and working on documentation and technical aspects of the project. The project itself was a unique idea to provide safety in terms of stoves and houses to leave alone afterwards. At the start of the project, it took me some time to get familiar with the project methodologies to be used to successfully start on the project. After the kick start meeting, the development of the project started smoothly and working together on all parts of the project, I gained a lot of experience to make the required and reliable documentation to support the project from start to finish, as well as working on the development, I experienced development of my technical skills creating a skill set for my future. Also, from start to finish of the project has been learning experience in each and every aspect.” – Harpreet Kaur Sekhon

“When I first joined, I was expecting that I would not have a very good experience. It mostly came from not knowing anything about the project. But it ended up being a very enjoyable and knowledgeable experience.

During the project I learned about working with/for a client and to meet and exceed their expectations and to develop a working relationship with the client. It was good that we were able to share our ideas to improve the functionality of the end product, as the client was very open to ideas.

I liked the open learning experience which really taught me how to teach myself to learn new concepts without much outside input other than the developer docs and some tutorials for when you get stuck or want to learn the proper/more accepted way to develop” – Keagen Bouska

Technologies used

  • React native
  • Expo
  • Firebase
  • Git/GitHub
  • G-Suite
  • Balsamiq
  • MS-Office
Login Screen

Login Screen


Home Screen

Home Screen


Device Registration Screen

Device Registration Screen