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Computer and Information Systems Technology

Chekkit, an ACE Project Space Success Story

January 10, 2018

Photo of Chekkit's Lee Klimpke, Daniel Fayle and Emily Franz-Lien

Chekkit’s Lee Klimpke, Daniel Fayle and Emily Franz-Lien, at RRC’s ACE Project Space.

Chekkit have been ‘Entrepreneurs In Residence’ here at the ACE Project space since early 2017 and have been working with students from our Applied Computer Education department’s Business Information Technology program.

Chekkit Wifi Marketing and Analytics is the brainchild of Daniel Fayle, Myles Hiebert, Lee Klimpke and Emily Franz-Lien, whose aim is to help businesses build loyalty programs through Wi-Fi login pages and text messages.

Imagine this… that local coffee shop you love (but haven’t visited in a while) sends you a text message offering a free espresso. Will that bring you back through their door? Chekkit believes that it will and have built up a platform to fulfill that opportunity.

“We’ve had 20 projects from entrepreneurs and businesses developed in the space this year,” says Al-Saidi. “[We’re] proud to be able to support people like the Chekkit team, who have a great idea and just need a boost of support to get it off the ground. It’s an incredible experience for our students to be a part of something and to help a business solve a problem or issue that’s been holding them back.”

With over 30 clients in the Winnipeg area alone, and over 15,000 unique logins, we are very excited to celebrate in Chekkit’s success. Many congratulations from us to the team at Chekkit. ‘Chek’ them out on instagram @Wpgrewards to get connected.

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