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Computer and Information Systems Technology

Lunch & Learn: Machine Learning Techniques

October 5, 2017

Machine Learning - HaiderHaving a conversation with a machine is no longer a figment of our imagination or science fiction. We are having intelligent conversations with machines every day. AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Machine Learning techniques have made this reality possible.

The personal assistant in your smartphone, video games, and the marketing industry have been all using Machine Learning to analyze and predict the actions of their clients for a long time now. The ultimate goal of machine learning is to predict something based on pre-existing conditions. Sometimes this prediction is as easy as answering a question with yes or no, but sometimes the prediction could be as complicated as identifying the model and manufacturer of an airplane flying 36,000 feet above our heads.

New Media ManitobaRed River College and The Ace Project Space are happy to present this informative Lunch+Learn that will try to explain some of the techniques used in machine learning.

Portrait of Haider Al-Saidi

Haider Al-Saidi will be presenting Machine Learning Techniques

Come join us for conversation and light lunch as Haider Al-Saidi, our Applied Computer Education Department Chair, presents an introduction on Machine Learning Techniques.

When: October 20th, at 12pm
Where: Red River College, 160 Princess Street, Room P107
Cost: Free, Light lunch provided

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