Computer and Information Systems Technology

Data Analytics Project

September 11, 2012

Requested by the Winnipeg Foundation for the purpose of analyzing donor’s patterns & preferences.

The Foundation wanted to be able to obtain information available from current internal data sources through a very difficult and time-consuming process. The students’ main challenge was the obtaining of donation information as a function of time (several different perspectives).

The development team focused on the following aspects:
• Analysis of available data going back about 10 years
• Design of an architecture
• Design a data extraction and loading process
• Design & create a database schema
• Design of the software which included the ability to:
o Manage Donor information
o Use screens to identify, compute & display relevant donation data / information from several perspectives
o Export the results to Excel spreadsheets

The identification, processing and formatting of the data into information required very complex and intricate logic that took weeks to design and test at the database as well as program level.

The Winnipeg Foundation was quite pleased with the Project, stating that the Requirements Analysis alone had been extremely helpful. Having a working software & database for some of the requested functions was another positive outcome.
One of the participating students was subsequently hired on a part-time basis with the prospect of full-time employment after graduation.