Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Manitoba Student Aid

The Manitoba Student Aid Branch is your contact when applying for federal and provincial loans, grants, and bursaries. Assistance is based on an assessment of financial need and is provided primarily in the form of repayable Canada and Manitoba Student Loans. Non-repayable grants and bursaries are also available. You should apply well in advance of your program start date.

You should refer to the Manitoba Student Aid Information booklet, which outlines your rights and responsibilities. You should also refer to the Government of Canada’s financial assistance for students website for further information and tools designed to help you save, plan and pay for post-secondary education.

You can obtain more information about student financial assistance and apply online at With the interactive online application, you will receive an estimate within minutes of submitting your application. Manitoba Student Loans and Canada Student Loans are interest-free and payment-free while you are in full-time studies.

If you are not a Manitoba resident, your application for financial assistance must be made through your home province.

Please review the Government Student Loans and Grants Orientation webinar for an orientation on government student loans and grants.

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Financial Aid Repayment

It is important for you to stay in contact with the Canada Student Loans Program, Manitoba Student Aid Programs or other loan providers. Manitoba Student Loans and Canada Student Loans are interest-free and payment-free while you are in full-time studies. You will need to begin to repay your loans once you have finished your studies. It is important that you understand the repayment process and ensure you keep on track with payments.

When you leave full-time studies, or if your course load drops under the minimum requirement, you have six months before you have to starting paying back your student loans. The repayment of the government student loan will need to occur six months after your last day of full-time enrolment (not your date of graduation). Your lenders, Manitoba Student Aid and the National Student Loans Service Centre, will send you information with specific dates of when your payments will start and how much they will be.

During the six-month grace/non-repayment period, interest is being calculated on the Canada Student Loan.

How long it takes to repay the loans depends on the individual student. The normal repayment period is 10 years. By paying slightly more than the minimum payment each month, a student will be in a position to pay off their loans faster and will be paying less interest over the long run. Options are available so students should contact each of their lenders to discuss a repayment schedule that works.

The Canada Student Loan and Manitoba Student Loan, like any other loans, must be repaid. Always remember that the repayment history of a student loan becomes a part of a student’s personal credit rating.

Please review the Canada – Manitoba Loans Repayment webinar for information on repayment of government student loans and grants.

Changes to Personal Information/Situation

Stay in touch with your loan provider.

A student must advise all of their lenders, either by letter, with appropriate documentation, or by fax, if any of the following occurs:

  • If you have completed their program early, have withdrawn from full-time studies, or have dropped below the minimum course load.
  • If you have returned to full-time studies.
  • If your personal information (name, address, phone number) has changed.
  • If your bank account has changed (requires either void cheque or copy of a direct deposit form).
  • If you are unable to make payments on your loan(s).

If you do not make the required payments, you will be considered in default of your loan(s). This has serious consequences for your credit rating and future ability to obtain credit (loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.). Keep your lenders informed about your situation, which give them the opportunity to work with you during any difficult times.

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