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Social Innovation and Community Development

Social innovation brings new perspectives to existing ways of decision-making in today’s world.

Discover the tremendous capacities of communities and individuals looking to initiate systems change.

The Social Innovation and Community Development program is designed for learners who want to create change in urban, rural, local or global settings. Through this program, you will build the theory, practical skills and work experience needed for employment in socio-economic development and environmental issues. You will also develop the capacity to work for Indigenous communities and organizations, government institutions and social enterprises. 

Through a combination of applied learning and work experience, you’ll focus on the social, political, cultural and economic factors that contribute to urban, rural, local and global development. You’ll also develop a deeper understanding of community development and economic reconciliation as observed through Indigenous perspectives.

Certificate: After completing the first year of the program, you can conclude your studies with a Foundations in Social Innovation and Community Development certificate.

Diploma: After completing the common first year of the program, you can choose to continue your studies and attain a diploma from one of two specific majors – Community Development or Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship.

  • Program Type
  • Credentials
    Certificate and Diploma
  • Program Delivery
    In-person hybrid
  • In-person Location
    Exchange District Campus
  • Intake
  • Program Length
    1-2 years
  • Total Tuition / Fees for Courses
    $5,400 – $11,400
  • How to Enrol
    Application required
  • Application Type
    Regular admission
  • International Program
    Open to students from around the globe

Choose Your Specialty

Graduate From One of Our Majors

In the second year of this program, you will specialize in one of two majors. These two different segments of the social innovation ecosystem provide our grads with the skillsets they need to make an immediate impact in the community.

Community Development

Become an agent of change in communities experiencing barriers to development. Learn how to effectively use community assets, promote inclusion and participation at all levels and understand structural dynamics and ethical issues.

Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for innovating, creating wealth and addressing the issues communities face around the globe. Learn to transform your values and passions into a venture that positively impacts the world.

Experience a Polytechnic Education

Full-time Delivery: Something New Every Term

The Social Innovation and Community Development program is full of people who want to change the world – one street, one neighbourhood, one community at a time. If you have passion, commitment, ideas, a little healthy confusion and a whole lot of questions, this program is your path to a great career!


Begin exploring Indigenous perspectives, community leadership and the foundations of social innovation.


Explore important concepts and support organizations while building your practical skills for community development and social enterprise. Graduate with a certificate or pursue a second-year diploma by selecting your major.


Expand your specialized knowledge and explore project-based learning opportunities in your major of choice.


Continue focusing on your major through work-integrated learning opportunities. Collaborate with a community organization to build professional connections and employment potential.

Employment Potential

Prepare yourself for career success

Potential Grad CAREERS

  • Project coordinators
  • Program managers
  • Policy analysts in all levels of governments 
  • Community developers
  • Political policy researchers and writers
  • Community economic development officers
  • Cultural program planners
  • Activists 
  • Social responsibility managers in for-profit business
  • Housing program developers
  • Food security program developers
  • Students in post-secondary degree programs
  • Reconciliation programming planners


What to Expect in This Program

Get Prepared for the Future of Work

Excel with small class sizes, practical learning and experienced instructors, all focused on your success. With an employer-driven education, you won’t just be ready for a career – you’ll be prepared to stay in front of what’s ahead.

Discover the tremendous capacities of individuals and communities in initiating systemic change.
Launch a socially conscious business and become a leader in your community.
Become an agent of change and learn to promote inclusion and participation at all levels
Learn to work effectively within the community, facilitate change and create a meaningful impact.
Work directly with industry, employers and community leaders to build your network.

Graduate Success

Recent Social Innovation and Community Development grads are already employed in their fields of choice. Many have moved into the same organizations where they did work-integrated learning projects. Others follow the connections they’ve made through the program’s tours and guest speakers.

The statistics below represent the opinions and employment statuses of this program’s recent grads. They were retrieved from the 2019-2020 RRC Polytech Graduate Satisfaction and Employment Report.


Our grads nurture community development by promoting collectivity and listening to others. They make an immediate impact on community growth by creating positive change in their environments.


By creating their own social enterprises or working in other organizations, our grads are making a difference in the world. Through this program, they develop the skills and mindset to make their mark in non-profit, for-profit, government and co-operative organizations.


Our grads are walking beside people in the community to better serve their peers. They create their own path toward career success while promoting meaningful community development.

“My experience at RRC Polytech has been nothing short of amazing. I met a lot of beautiful people, strong people with amazing ideas whom I can’t wait to see blossom in the community. For me, it’s been very supportive.”

Sean Rayland
Owner, Red Rebel Armour; Housing Support Worker, Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY)

Who Should Enrol?

Turn your talents into academic success

As a Social Innovation and Community Development student, you are interested in creating social change. You want to right wrongs and be an ally to people who are facing barriers to healthy, self-determined lives. You might be in social justice clubs, volunteering or making your school or community better for all. As a successful professional, you’re work is guided by passion, empathy, creativity and flexibility.

Students that excel in this program often share these interests, skills and personality traits.


  • Adaptable
  • Challenge-driven
  • Community-oriented
  • Empathetic
  • Ethical


  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Lifelong learning
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem solving


  • Social innovation
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship
  • Community development
  • Community change
  • Reconciliation
  • Social justice
  • Activism
  • Indigenous startups
  • Community support

All the Information You Need



Ensure signup goes smoothly and understand program requirements before registering. Review required documents and procedures to make sure you’re prepared to enter this program.


Start planning with peace of mind and get the information you need on one easy-to-find page. Review start dates, locations, book and equipment costs and program fees.


Celebrate and motivate your learning. Whether you’ve sprinted through the first term or just received your acceptance letter, find a variety of bursaries, scholarships and awards.


Explore our Catalogue for more detailed information, including a program outline, course descriptions and everything you’ll need to plan and prepare for your future success.


Start preparing with peace of mind. View information about courses and sections, including locations, delivery methods and costs. It only takes minutes to register and further your future.


Plan out your preferred learning journey. Review a summary of this program’s courses to discover what you’ll learn and how an RRC Polytech education will help your career.


Ensure signup goes smoothly and understand program requirements before registering. Review required documents and procedures to make sure you’re prepared to enter this program.


Explore our Catalogue for more detailed information, including a program outline, course descriptions and everything you’ll need to plan and prepare for your future success.

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