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Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing

Help deliver the right dosage, every time.

Learn to produce pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, including prescriptions and vaccines.

Through the Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing program, you will build the in-depth technical knowledge and practical experience you need to start a career in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food production industries.

In this program, you’ll develop valuable experience with tablet and capsule manufacturing, biopharmaceutical production and food processing using RRC Polytech’s pilot-scale production facilities. You’ll also gain the skills needed to produce pharmaceutical products, such as over-the-counter medicines, and prescription drugs, such as tablets, capsules and vaccines.

  • Program Type
  • Credential
  • Program Delivery
    In-person hybrid
  • In-person Location
    Notre Dame Campus
  • Intake
  • Program Length
    1 year
  • Total Tuition / Fees for Courses
    $7,100 – $7,900
  • How to Enrol
    Application required
  • Application Type
    Regular admission
  • Indigenous Pathway
    Program pathway available to Indigenous learners
  • International Program
    Open to students from around the globe

Experience a Polytechnic Education

Full-time Delivery: Something New Every Term

In this program, you will learn to use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to create medicinal and food products and prepare for a career in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food manufacturing industries.


Build essential laboratory equipment skills and a fundamental understanding of measurements, calculation, quality and compliance through hands-on learning.


Explore microbiology, bioprocessing and advanced pharmaceutical and food production processes while building professional communication skills.

Employment Potential

Prepare yourself for career success

Potential Grad CAREERS

  • Tablet press operator
  • Tablet coating operator
  • Upstream and downstream manufacturing technician
  • Manufacturing associate
  • Material handler
  • Equipment cleaner
  • Bioprocess associate
  • Production technician
  • Packaging assembler
  • Packaging technician
  • Blender

What to Expect in This Program

Get Prepared for the Future of Work

Excel with small class sizes, practical learning and experienced instructors, all focused on your success. With an employer-driven education, you won’t just be ready for a career – you’ll be prepared to stay in front of what’s ahead.

Develop practical experience and learn to manufacture pharmaceutical products like tablets and capsules in our state-of-the-art facilities.
Learn like you’re working, using the same equipment you’ll find in the industry to build your technical expertise.
Experience the power of applied learning and build the practical skills you need to lead, succeed and grow from day one.
Build practical experience and explore various biotechnology techniques in laboratory sessions to prepare for a multitude of career opportunities.
Use sophisticated equipment in our state-of-the-art labs to gain essential, employer-sought skills.
Develop the critical communication and collaboration skills you need to lead teams, enhance your career potential and become a vital part of any team.

Graduate Success

Pharmaceutical companies across Manitoba contribute approximately $400 million to the economy each year (source). As an RRC Polytech graduate, you’ll enter this innovative industry equipped with the employer-sought skills and versatile knowledge you need to make an immediate impact.

The statistics below represent the opinions and employment statuses of this program’s recent grads. They were retrieved from the 2019-2020 RRC Polytech Graduate Satisfaction and Employment Report.


Our passionate, industry-experienced instructors are focused on your success. Using their years of work experience and expertise, they ensure your education is up-to-date, relevant and reflects real-world work conditions and challenges.


Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing graduates work as technicians and operators in various pharmaceutical, natural health products and food production facilities. As an RRC Polytech grad, you’ll use your experience, communication skills and connections to pursue new opportunities and grow your career goals.


The Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing program combines deep theoretical study with practical training and crucial work experience. As you build your skills, various student resources are here to support your growth, from your first class to your first job.

“The Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing program was vital in kickstarting my lifelong career in the pharmaceutical industry. Applying the skills and techniques that I learned helped me adapt quickly in the industry!”

Michelle Yusi – Senior MFG Associate
Emergent BioSolutions

“The experience I gained in the program helped me to be successful. I applied many of the skills and techniques I learned to my work. The program offers a great balance of learning and hands-on training.”

Jeffrey Lukianchuk – Filling Operator
Emergent BioSolutions

Who Should Enrol?

Turn your talents into academic success

As a Pharmaceutical and Food Manufacturing student, you are passionate about science and medical technology. You also are detail-oriented and enjoy using technology to solve complex problems, alone or as part of a team.

Students that excel in this program often share these interests, skills and personality traits.


  • Critical thinker
  • Detail-oriented
  • Logical thinker
  • Team-oriented
  • Technical thinker


  • Integrity
  • Multi-tasking
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem solving
  • Work ethic


  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Laboratory
  • Quality assurance

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Plan out your preferred learning journey. Review a summary of this program’s courses to discover what you’ll learn and how an RRC Polytech education will help your career.


Ensure signup goes smoothly and understand program requirements before registering. Review required documents and procedures to make sure you’re prepared to enter this program.


Explore our Catalogue for more detailed information, including a program outline, course descriptions and everything you’ll need to plan and prepare for your future success.

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