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Culinary Arts

Turn up the heat and transform your passion for food into mouth-watering culinary mastery.

Develop the versatile culinary skills you need to excel in this dynamic and increasingly sophisticated industry.

Through the Culinary Arts program, you’ll explore the latest culinary and restaurant-management trends in the heart of Winnipeg’s restaurant scene. You’ll build a versatile set of practical knowledge and learn to use state-of-the-art equipment and industry-standard techniques safely and efficiently through a blend of theoretical learning, co-op experience and work-integrated learning labs.

Certificate: The first year of this program focuses on preparing you for a career in the culinary industry. You will develop fundamental techniques, knowledge and safety skills and explore basic business, communication and collaboration skills.

Diploma: The second year of this program focuses on advancing your skills and building a wide array of work experience. You will explore contemporary trends in cooking and management and gain practical work experience serving and preparing Canadian cuisine in Jane’s fine dining restaurant.

  • Program Type
  • Credentials
    Certificate and Diploma
  • Program Delivery
  • In-person Location
    Exchange District Campus
  • Intakes
    Fall and Winter
  • Program Length
    1-2 years
  • Total Tuition / Fees for Courses
    $7,500 – $16,700
  • How to Enrol
    Application required
  • Application Type
    Direct entry
  • Work-Integrated Learning
    Gain hands-on experience with real work opportunities
  • International Program
    Open to students from around the globe

Experience a Polytechnic Education

Full-time Delivery: Something New Every Term

In this program, you’ll explore local and international culinary trends and build a versatile set of skills through our blend of co-op opportunities, work-integrated learning labs and classes.


Explore fundamental culinary theories and develop essential knife, safety and sanitation skills through cold food preparation and baking.


Build on your foundational knowledge, gain practical experience and develop collaboration skills while serving guests in our Short Order Lab.


Gain real work experience by completing a co-op placement with one of our partner restaurants. Choose to graduate with a certificate or continue in a diploma program.


Continue studying classical culinary techniques and test your skills with contemporary menus at Jane’s, RRC Polytech’s fine-dining restaurant.


Complete your study of contemporary cuisine and continue sharpening your skills, serving customers and building work experience at Jane’s.


Build on your experiential learning, meet potential employers, expand your professional network and complete a final co-op placement. Graduate with a diploma.

Employment Potential

Prepare yourself for career success

Potential Grad CAREERS

  • Commis chef
  • Chef de parti
  • Sous chef
  • Executive chef
  • Banquet chef
  • Caterer
  • Restaurant owner
  • Director of foodservice
  • Restaurant consultant


What to Expect in This Program

Get Prepared for the Future of Work

Excel with practical learning and experienced instructors, all focused on your success. With an employer-driven education, you won’t just be ready for a career – you’ll be prepared to stay in front of what’s ahead.

Exterior photo of the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute
Explore classic and contemporary culinary techniques at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute – nestled in the heart of Winnipeg’s restaurant district.
Interior photo of Jane's, a student-run restaurant
Discover the challenge and satisfaction of creating world-class cuisine at Jane’s, RRC Polytech fine-dining restaurant.
Culinary student pulling out pan from a cart
Serve up your skills and showcase your professional progress throughout the year at our open-concept Culinary Exchange.
Culinary instructor talking to students in a kitchen
Work alongside nationally renowned instructors and take advantage of their industry insight and decades of culinary experience.
Class of culinary students listening to instructor talk in a restaurant
Discover a world of culinary creations from the comfort of our kitchens, classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities.
Culinary student talking to guest at a cocktail party
Innovators meet at RRC Polytech. Take advantage of networking events and co-op opportunities to build meaningful connections and lifelong partnerships.
Close up of several dishes ready to be brought out to patrons at a restaurant
Read our curriculum like a menu and explore mouth-watering dishes that showcase the best of local, national and international cuisine.
Culinary students preparing dishes in a kitchen
Build critical communication and collaboration skills alongside passionate peers in immersive labs and real workspaces.
Culinary students preparing dishes in a kitchen
Make your mark in the hospitality industry and learn to plan, prepare and plate mouth-watering meals and exceptional experiences.
Culinary students preparing dishes in a kitchen
Join a passionate community of culinary professionals and build friendships, partnerships and industry connections that will last you a lifetime.

Graduate Success

RRC Polytech’s graduates consistently find excellent hospitality positions in Manitoba, across Canada and around the world. Through the Culinary Arts program, you’ll prepare for this diverse range of careers and unparalleled set of advancement opportunities, whether you decide to start your own business or pursue a career as a restaurant or hotel chef.

The statistics below represent the opinions and employment statuses of this program’s recent grads. They were retrieved from the 2019-2020 RRC Polytech Graduate Satisfaction and Employment Report.

Culinary student checking the temperature of meat by an oven


The practical experience, industry connections and communication skills you develop through our co-op work placements are vital to your professional success. Many Culinary Arts students take full-time positions with their co-op employers after graduation, a growing number of which are alumni.


Culinary Arts graduates confidently pursue rewarding careers in the culinary industry thanks to our combination of in-depth theory and practice. With this versatile set of skills and knowledge, you’ll be able to start your career, develop your culinary and management skills and pursue new opportunities.

Culinary students preparing dishes in a kitchen
Culinary student preparing dishes in a kitchen


Culinary Arts instructors are experts and industry leaders with years of experience in various hospitality settings. They regularly update their skills, explore new culinary trends and maintain strong links with employers to ensure your education is practical, up to date and aligned with industry needs.

Photo of Denice Linag

“RRC Polytech offers such great opportunities for up-and-coming young cooks. Because of my experience at the College, I got to participate in the Expo 2020 world fair in Dubai!”

Denice Linag – Graduate

“RRC Polytech has helped me build the confidence to take my life in any direction. I attended the Culinary Arts program and was taken under the wing of a well-known Winnipeg chef.”

Brittany Sanders – Graduate

“I was a culinary student at RRC Polytech, and they helped me get the job I wanted and dreamed of having.”

Juan Ferrer – Graduate
Photo of Anna Borys

“During my late 20s, I was caught in the proverbial “rut” in my life. RRC Polytech has opened many doors. Many more than I thought was possible in the food industry.”

Anna Borys – Graduate

“I applied at RRC Polytech for Culinary Arts when I was fresh out of high school, lost and not knowing what to do with my life. It turns out that I thrive in the fast-paced culinary world.”

Elaine Lester – Graduate

Who Should Enrol?

Turn your talents into academic success

As a Culinary Arts student, you have an endless love of food and a passion for cooking. You enjoy working with your hands and collaborating with others to plan, manage and prepare exceptional visitor experiences. As a successful student and culinary professional, you have good manual dexterity and can handle long, demanding hours and fast-paced work environments.

Students that excel in this program often share these interests, skills and personality traits.


  • Adaptable
  • Creative
  • Planner
  • Results-oriented
  • Team-oriented


  • Adaptability
  • Customer service
  • Management
  • Organization
  • Time management


  • Cooking
  • Business ownership
  • Red Seal trade
  • Passion for cooking
  • Culinary
  • Restaurants
  • Management
  • Travel
  • Hotels
  • Catering

All the Information You Need


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Ensure signup goes smoothly and understand program requirements before registering. Review required documents and procedures to make sure you’re prepared to enter this program.

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Start planning with peace of mind and get the information you need on one easy-to-find page. Review start dates, locations, book and equipment costs and program fees.

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Celebrate and motivate your learning. Whether you’ve sprinted through the first term or just received your acceptance letter, find a variety of bursaries, scholarships and awards.

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Explore our Catalogue for more detailed information, including a program outline, course descriptions and everything you’ll need to plan and prepare for your future success.

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Start preparing with peace of mind. View information about courses and sections, including locations, delivery methods and costs. It only takes minutes to register and further your future.

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Plan out your preferred learning journey. Review a summary of this program’s courses to discover what you’ll learn and how an RRC Polytech education will help your career.

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Ensure signup goes smoothly and understand program requirements before registering. Review required documents and procedures to make sure you’re prepared to enter this program.

Person browsing the RRC Polytech website


Explore our Catalogue for more detailed information, including a program outline, course descriptions and everything you’ll need to plan and prepare for your future success.

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