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Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedic

This program has an application deadline of April 15

Answer critical calls for help and protect your community when it needs you most.

Build the academic and clinical experience you need to work in emergency medical services.

The Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedic program prepares you for a dynamic and rewarding career in the critical fields of emergency pre-hospital medicine and trauma care.

In this program, you will blend classroom and online learning, immersive simulations and interprofessional exercises to build the clinical knowledge, practical skills and leadership qualities needed for a successful career.

In addition to your on-campus training, you’ll also build real-world experience in clinical work placements with hospitals, field sites and ambulance services. Through these crucial experiences, you’ll learn to assess actual patients and adapt to real challenges while managing various conditions and severity levels alongside patient age, stress and anxiety.

As a graduate of this program, you are eligible to write the national entry-to-practice examination.

  • Program Type
  • Credential
  • Program Delivery
    Online hybrid
  • In-person Location
    Notre Dame Campus
  • Intake
  • Program Length
    20 months
  • Total Tuition / Fees for Courses
    $8,700 – $9,700
  • How to Enrol
    Application required
  • Application Type
    Competitive admission
  • Application Deadline
    April 15
  • Work-Integrated Learning
    Gain hands-on experience with real work opportunities
  • Indigenous Pathway
    Program pathway available to Indigenous learners

Experience a Polytechnic Education

Full-time Delivery: Something New Every Term

In this program, you will build a solid foundation of clinical knowledge and technical skills in preparation for your career as a paramedic. You’ll gradually expand your knowledge through patient assessment and management before combining all your experience in practicum placements.


Explore theoretical concepts in healthcare, paramedicine, patient assessment and pharmacology before applying them in practical learning labs.


Develop industry-standard assessment techniques and learn to care for patients suffering from various pathologies in simulation labs.


Master patient assessment and management and explore multiorgan, neurologic, pediatric and obstetrical emergencies in preparation for your practicum rotation.


Apply your knowledge and sharpen your skills in real, supervised practicum and field experiences before graduating as a career-ready paramedic.

Employment Potential

Prepare yourself for career success

Potential Grad CAREERS

  • Primary care paramedic – ground
  • Primary care paramedic – flight 
  • Community paramedic


What to Expect in This Program

Get Prepared for the Future of Work

Excel with practical learning and experienced instructors, all focused on your success. With an employer-driven education, you won’t just be ready for a career – you’ll be prepared to stay in front of what’s ahead.

Paramedicine students talking to each other near ambulance learning lab
Work together to build practical experience. Simulate injuries and learn to assess classmates using industry-standard techniques and equipment.
Paramedicine students checking each others pulse with a stethoscope
Experience a different kind of water-cooler conversation. Connect with a dedicated network of students while you build your expertise at RRC Polytech.
Paramedicine students learning how to intubate
Prepare for every patient. Using our high-fidelity mannikins, you’ll learn to provide assisted ventilation to any patient, including children.
Paramedicine students practicing wheeling a patient in a stretcher
Learn like you’re working, using the same tools and techniques as industry experts to build essential skills.
Instructor talking to student
Gain real-time feedback and industry insight as you work one-to-one with expert instructors.
Paramedicine student practicing giving an IV to a patient
Build your confidence and learn to gain intravenous (IV) access in simulated learning labs under the guidance of industry-experienced instructors.
Paramedicine students sitting at a table wearing stethoscopes
This sound could save your life. Learn to recognize signs of respiratory distress through simulated breathing.
Paramedicine students practicing hooking up ECG electrodes to patient
Provide exceptional care as soon as you start your career. Use modern equipment like electrocardiograms (ECGs) to build practical, up-to-date skills.
Paramedicine instructor showing student a technique
Coordinate collaborative care. Learn to lead multidisciplinary teams, tackle tasks simultaneously and ensure every second counts.

Graduate Success

As a Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedic graduate, you’ll have the expertise you need to safely administer emergency treatment measures and care for individuals of all ages. You’ll also have the confidence and communication skills to make sound decisions in stressful environments and lead in chaotic situations.

The statistics below represent the opinions and employment statuses of this program’s recent grads. They were retrieved from the 2019-2020 RRC Polytech Graduate Satisfaction and Employment Report.

Ambulance driving up to emergency entrance at hospital


Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedic graduates are confident health care professionals, leading change from the frontlines. With the practical experience developed at RRC Polytech, you’ll be ready for a variety of ground and air ambulance positions and community health opportunities across Manitoba.


Primary care paramedics earn competitive wages in Manitoba and across Canada. They are also eligible to earn shift premiums and overtime, with the potential for advancement, further specialization and salary increases.

Paramedics wheeling a patient into a hospital
Paramedics wheeling a person out of a house on a stretcher


RRC Polytech’s combination of applied learning, small class sizes, experienced instructors and real industry challenges prepares you to lead and succeed as soon as you graduate.

“The Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedic program at RRC Polytech gave me the necessary education and skills to make a difference in the lives of Manitobans.”

Nishanth Jayaranjan – Paramedicine Instructor and Advanced Care Paramedic – Flight Paramedic
Red River College Polytechnic and Trauma Flight Manitoba

“The Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedic program at RRC Polytech prepared me to make a difference and help Manitobans in their time of need.”

Allan Whiten – Paramedicine Instructor and Advanced Care Paramedic
Red River College Polytechnic and Shared Health

Who Should Enrol?

Turn your talents into academic success

As a student in the Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedic program, you are interested in healthcare and passionate about helping people when they need it most. You stay calm and confident in any situation, work well under pressure and inspire others to do their best. As a successful student and professional, you are constantly looking to improve yourself, develop new skills and inspire others.

Students that excel in this program often share these interests, skills and personality traits.


  • Challenge-driven
  • Empathetic
  • Level-headed
  • Observer
  • Team-oriented


  • Communication
  • Listening
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem solving
  • Self-motivation


  • Paramedicine
  • Ambulance
  • Patient care
  • Emergency services
  • Emergency medical services
  • Emergency medicine
  • Advanced life support
  • Allied health profession

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Plan out your preferred learning journey. Review a summary of this program’s courses to discover what you’ll learn and how an RRC Polytech education will help your career.

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Ensure signup goes smoothly and understand program requirements before registering. Review required documents and procedures to make sure you’re prepared to enter this program.

Person browsing the RRC Polytech website


Explore our Catalogue for more detailed information, including a program outline, course descriptions and everything you’ll need to plan and prepare for your future success.

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