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eTV - Education Technology Vision

eTV in the New Year

January 23, 2015

Welcome to the start of an exciting new year. Here in eTV/Learning Technologies we’re off to a busy start in 2015 with several productions, streaming events, and project starts already underway. This year we look forward to exploring and implementing some cool teaching and learning technologies including 3D video, 360 degree video panoramas, interactive app. development, immersive reality (Oculus) as well as enhanced lecture capture and video streaming services. For some real fun stuff, take a look into the world of Microbiology (with time lapse video) and see what happens when you inoculate TSI (Triple Sugar Iron) agar with Citrobacter freundii and a funky sound track.

The video below shows an inoculated sample on the right and a uninoculated sample on the left over a 24 period.

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