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CARD/PIF Research Presentations

September 26, 2014

Research is a vital aspect of post-secondary education. Red River College’s commitment to research is exemplified in a new series of events, the CARD/PIF Research Presentations. This series is co-sponsored by Applied Research & Commercialization and the Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation and Research. The presentations will be live streamed by eTV and will also be made available on-demand on the eTV Blog: Streaming page.

The first presentation, The Google Embryo Project by Susan Crawford-Young, explores how an embryo grows and develops. Drawing on research on the characteristics of salamander embryo tissue, Crawford-Young presents her findings on the correlation between physics and embryology.

Click on the image below to view:

Google Embryo

This presentation and all upcoming presentations in the series will be available in the CARD/PIF Research Presentations section of the eTV Blog: Streaming page.

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