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eTV - Education Technology Vision

Apprenticeship Project

April 17, 2014

eTV is working in conjunction with TLTC to produce exploratory panoramas as part of the Apprenticeship Project. This project is being undertaken with the goal of bringing the trades to high school students. The panoramas will enable students to explore different trade areas through 360° digital imaging. The panoramas are shot with a Gigapan panoramic camera head and then the images taken are stitched together to create a 360° view of the space. Hotspots can be added to create a content-rich, interactive environment. eTV is currently working with a number of different trades, including hairstyling, carpentry, and electrical, to create panoramas of their areas.

To view an example of a carpentry area panorama that is currently being developed, click on the image below:

Construction_forblog (3)

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