OER Project


The Project

Teacher educators and faculty developers recognize that they can no longer continue preparing future educators/teachers the way that they were taught. With rapidly changing access to resources and digital media in education, post-secondary educators require innovative approaches to develop best practices in teaching methodology. Open education resources such as this are intended to provide course content in a flexible digital format for teacher educators.

The Teacher Education department at Red River College Polytechnic is in the midst of creating an Open Education Resource that will supplement Teacher Education courses and Faculty Development on post-secondary campus’ across Manitoba and Canada.

In partnership with Campus Manitoba and the Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB, a framework for the resource was developed. To date, a table of contents for the twelve modules along with a comprehensive instructional user guide and peer reviewed module have been published in Pressbooks.

Through collaboration with educators who contribute their subject matter expertise this Open Educational Resource provides a sustainable and customizable option for delivering teaching methodology.  It is intended to be a buffet of (non-linear) instructional methodology topics that can be arranged in a delivery format that is suitable to the needs of the learner and can be customized for a Learning Management System.  This resource will incorporate media rich exemplars providing a practical application of the theory.

At RRC Polytech, we are inspired by the work that our team has started and excited to work in collaboration with other educational partners to further develop this resource.

Together, we can face this exciting future of innovation in education together!

For more information to collaborate on this resource contact
Teacher Education at teachered@rrc.ca or 204-632-2300

RRC Polytech OER Project video https://youtu.be/mWu2l093im8

Organization of the Resource and Table of Contents

The content of the resource is divided into four main parts that are sequenced in a logical pattern designed to build capacity in students as they develop understandings and skills in the complex role of teaching:

  1. Laying a Foundation for Instruction
  2. Instructional Planning and the Learning Environment
  3. Instructional Strategies and Assessment
  4. Reflecting on, Adapting, and Improving Instructional Practice

The navigation chart below displays all of the sections in this multi-chapter book.

Teaching Instructional Methods in Adult Education
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Laying a Foundation for Instruction Instructional Planning and the Environment Instructional Strategies and Assessment Reflecting on, Adapting and Improving Instructional Practice
1. Teaching & Learning 1. The Learning Environment 8. Student- Centred Strategies 11. Professional Practice
2. The Teacher’s Role 2. Preparing for Students 9. Teacher-Centred Strategies 12. Critical Reflection
3. Impact of Technology 3. Preparing for Instruction 10. Assessment
4. Theory and Practice


Sample Introduction to Module 4 –  Theory and Practice