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Alumni Engagement

Alumni Q&A: André Bisseck (Business Analyst, 2011)

March 28, 2013

Andre BisseckHe’s had a healthy obsession with technology since he was a kid, when a childhood friend got his very first computer as a birthday present.

Good thing Continuing Education grad Andre Bisseck has found a way to parlay that passion into a career, as a Senior Business Analyst with the Province of Manitoba.

Bisseck, who graduated from the Business Analyst program in 2011, says RRC provided the structured theory and framework to complement his existing knowledge. He also credits his instructors with helping to prepare him for his current role.

RRC: Where were you born and raised?

André Bisseck: I was a North End kid, born and raised.

When did you first become interested in technology?

A good friend of mine got a computer for his birthday one year and I was hooked. I think I used it more than he did, but ultimately it was responsible for my near-obsession with computers and technology.

What prompted you to enrol at RRC? Why the Business Analyst program?

After doing similar work for a major corporation for a number of years, I realized that I had fragmented knowledge of business analysis, but lacked the structured theory that provides the necessary framework. Also, I was looking to make a job change and wanted to shore up my experience with recognized education. I researched the available schooling options and chose Red River College for its reputation and course content.

What did you remember most about your time at the College? Any experiences that stand out in your mind?

I remember rushing home from work to eat then trying to make it to class on time. (Hahaha.) Actually, I fondly remember  working on group activities with my teammates and getting to know others in the program. I also remember coming to realizations as to why some previous projects in my job hadn’t work out as hoped.

Were there instructors or assignments that helped prepare you for the work you do now?

What stands out most for me are the instructors. They really did make the experience complete, by not just lecturing, but offering their knowledge and experience to create a learning environment that was enlightening, challenging and entertaining.

What was your first job after graduating?

I was lucky enough to find the type of position I was looking for with the Government of Manitoba even before I graduated from the Business Analyst program at RRC.

What kind of work does your job entail? Do you feel you were well-prepared as a result of your RRC training?

My title now is Senior Business Consultant. The work I do now is very much in line with the course material from the Business Analyst program. I truly believe that it’s the combination of experience and the RRC training that led me to my current role.

Why did you decide to enrol through Continuing Education?

I was not in a position where leaving my job to go back to school was feasible. Continuing Education allowed me to maintain the job I was in, as well as provide the opportunity to further my education. I would recommend looking into this option for anyone who has thought about education, but full-time enrolment is not realistic.

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