Nursing Program FAQ

Before Applying

What are the Nursing program admission requirements?

It is very important you carefully review the admission requirements before submitting an application.

Can I apply while I am still attending high school?

No. The admission requirements indicate your application will be cancelled with no refund if you apply while still enrolled in the academic requirements and cannot submit proof of successful completion within 30 days.

What was the minimum accepted AGPA for successful applicants in the past?

For the 2022/2023 academic year, the minimum accepted AGPAs were:

  • Post-Secondary category: 3.227
  • High School category: 4.25

The minimum accepted AGPAs vary each year, depending on the groups of applicants.

Is there a waitlist for the Nursing program?

No. Offers of admittance will be made based on RRC calculated AGPA in descending order until all available seats in each category (High School and Post-Secondary) are filled. Therefore, not all applicants who meet admission requirements will be offered a seat.

How can I get advice on meeting Nursing admission requirements?

You can direct your inquiry to an Advisor.

Which assessment should I complete – reading skills or English language assessment?

Please refer to the Nursing program admission requirements page for detailed information to determine which assessment you are required to complete.

I grew up in Canada. Do I need to complete a reading skills assessment?

Yes. The Nursing program requires students to complete a great deal of technical reading in a short amount of time. Successful completion of the Degree of Reading Power (DRP) assessment demonstrates your ability to read and comprehend at the level required for success in the Nursing program.

How do I register and pay for the DRP?

Register online for the DRP or contact RRC’s Assessment Services at 204-632-2458. On the day of your assessment, bring photo ID and arrive early to pay the assessment fee.

How do I register for an English language assessment?

Please refer to the Nursing Program English Language Assessment page for detailed information.

Which first aid course should I complete?

Please refer to our First Aid Course Requirements document for details.

Why must I have completed the Human Anatomy and Physiology courses within the last 5 years?

Recent successful completion of these courses helps ensure you have up-to-date basic A & P knowledge that the Nursing program will build upon.

I am currently completing courses. Will that affect my AGPA?

We calculate your AGPA using the transcript(s) you submit within 30 days of applying. Submission of future transcripts will not affect your AGPA. If you are currently completing courses that may increase your AGPA, we recommend you wait and apply to Nursing after course completion. The annual Nursing application deadline is April 15. Applications received after April 15 will be considered for the following academic year.

Can I choose which Nursing program start date I apply to?

Although the Nursing program has three annual start dates (August, December, March), all applicants apply to the Fall start date and the College determines start dates.

My Winter term university courses are complete but my transcript will not be completed before the April 15 deadline. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes, applicants have 30 days from their date of application to submit all admission documents. If you apply on April 15, you will have until May 15 to submit all required documents. If your institution is unable to provide your post-secondary transcript by May 15, you may email the Admissions Officer to request a short extension. All other admission documents MUST be submitted within the 30 day timeframe.

After Submitting an Application

Can I upload the Applicant Declaration for Check Documents Form as two electronic files?

The online application system allows uploading of one electronic file only. We recommend you scan both pages of the form and save it as one file.

I previously submitted my transcript(s) to RRC. Do I need to submit a new official transcript(s)?

Post-secondary – If you submitted a PS transcript more than six (6) months ago, submission of a new transcript is required. High school – If you submitted your HS transcript more than one (1) year ago, resubmission is required.

I attended more than one institution and transferred credits. Can I just submit one official transcript?

We require submission of transcripts from all institutions attended. We verify courses and credit hours completed, completion dates, and final grades. When granting transfer credit, most institutions do not record all of this information on their transcript.

If I did not do well at one of the post-secondary institutions I attended, am I required to submit the transcript?

Yes. We require submission of transcripts verifying your complete academic history including any public or private high school, college, university, or technical institute you have attended. Non-submission of transcripts will result in cancellation of your application with no refund of the application fee. You will also not be able to reapply to RRC for one year.

My international academic credentials have already been assessed by a credential evaluation service. Can I submit the assessment results instead of my academic credentials?

The requirement for an RRC international credential assessment and the related fee will be waived if you submit a detailed, course-by-course assessment completed by a member of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada (ACESC). However, you must still submit your academic credentials including official transcripts unless the credential assessment includes verified photocopies of your transcripts.

Can I transfer/change locations after submitting an application?

You may request a location change prior to accepting your seat and paying your deposit. Note that some locations have a health region resident requirement. If RRC approves your location change request, the approval date will be your new application submission date. You may apply to two locations by submitting two applications and application fees for the same program at different locations.

Why does the AGPA calculated by RRC differ from my transcript GPA?

Calculation methods and GPA scales used by other institutions may vary. We will calculate your AGPA using a 4.5 GPA scale and any degree-level courses you have completed at any time. We include repeated, failed, excluded and forfeited grades that may not have been included in your GPA calculation. We do not include: grades of voluntary withdrawal, pass, fail, complete or incomplete; grades or credit hours from preparatory courses; courses not equivalent to university 1000 degree-level or higher; and courses that are still in progress. We convert grades and credit hours for courses completed outside of Canada, which may result in differences.

When will I find out if I am selected for admission?

Offers of admission for the August start date are usually emailed to successful applicants in June. Offers for the December and March start dates will be emailed throughout the summer and into the Fall. Applicants offered admission are required to pay a deposit fee within two weeks of the email date to secure their seat.

We will send an email in October to applicants who met minimum requirements but are not being offered admission based on the competitive AGPA.

How do I pay my deposit?

The quickest and easiest way to pay your deposit is through your online HUB account using a credit card. If you have not yet used your HUB account, claim your username and password. For other payment options, visit our Fees page. If you are mailing a cheque payment, please be sure to put your payment in the mail at least one week before the due date to allow time for mail delivery and payment processing.

What happens after I pay the deposit?

Once we receive your deposit payment, you will be admitted into the Nursing program. We will send you an admission letter introducing your Student Records Officer (SRO). Your SRO will be your new contact and will assist you through the registration process.

Can I get an acceptance letter now to apply for a sponsorship?

RRC will provide an acceptance letter once you are offered a seat and have paid your deposit.

I previously completed a criminal record/abuse check for another purpose. Can I submit those documents to RRC?

Check documents dated less than 6 months prior to the program start date may be submitted to the Nursing department during your first month of classes. For information on why check documents are required, how to obtain them, the implications of having a record or being on an abuse list, and submission instructions visit our Criminal Record Check page.

Can I access a booklist so I can start reading while I am waiting?

Booklists change each year and are normally released a few months prior to the start of classes. Visit the Campus Bookstore to find the list of required books.

Where to Direct Questions

I am thinking about applying to Nursing but have questions about the program and admission requirements.

You can direct your inquiry to an Advisor.

I have already applied but have questions about the admissions process.

Contact Sharon Woo, Admissions Officer by email.

I have been offered a seat and paid the deposit fee, but I have questions about course registration, fees, and the program start date.

The College will email registration information and program details to your RRC email account approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the first day of class. For estimated tuition, books, and supplies costs visit the locations, dates and fees page. For other questions contact Crystal Jawolik, Student Records Officer by email.

Unsure who to contact?

Contact our Student Service Centre by email or phone at 204-632-2327.