Power Engineering Technology 5th Class

Gain the skills to operate boiler plants in a safe and efficient manner.

In Manitoba, a 5th Class Power Engineer is a certified occupation responsible for the operation and maintenance of boiler plants. 5th Class Power Engineers are focused on ensuring general plant or facility upkeep and safety, as well as maintaining the appropriate level of human comfort. Persons in this field work with and maintain a variety of equipment, such as: pumps, fans, air compressors, motors, air conditioning systems, and refrigeration devices. Other duties may include coordination and scheduling of maintenance staff, management of contractors, and communication with tenants and provincial authorities as necessary.

The rating requirements and licensing of power engineers is regulated by Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba, under the Office of the Fire Commissioner of the Province of Manitoba. Additionally, all workers within this field and subject to the guidelines of the Power Engineers Act and Regulations.

If you have an interest or an aptitude in working with mechanical equipment, or are looking for a hands-on career that incorporates elements of engineering, a career in 5th Class Power Engineering is something for you to seriously consider.

Program duration: Within just 17 weeks our program, which is recognized as Advanced Status through the Office of the Fire Commissioner, will have you fully trained and qualified to take your certifying examinations through the Office. Red River College Polytechnic is the only institution in the province with the Advanced Status designation.

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